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Fidlock fasteners are based on one-of-a-
kind, multi-award-winning technology that revolutionises traditional fastening systems. The result is a whole new dimension in terms of functionality, safety and fun.

Fidlock has developed and brand new concept for attaching items in your care safely, securely and easily. Find out everything you need to know about this groundbreaking concept right here.

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18.10.2016: North Face Sneaker with Magnetic Buckle

The North Face Korea has brought out an innovative pair of sneakers featuring the Fidlock magnetic buckle –  HOOK Rope. These brand new sneakers without laces are not only stylish but practical too...

12.09.2016: Magnetic Bicycle Water Bottle
Everyone is telling us to drink plenty of water throughout the day, this of course is more important when you are an active person.  So when you are riding your bike to and from work or on a bike trip somewhere, it is always important to have your bicycle water bottle with you. The cages to keep the bottle in are always in the way though and its always a struggle to get it back in once you’ve taken a sip. Fidlock noticed this problem and realized it was time for a solution! Which leads to us introduce our brand new bottle twist, combing the bicycle water bottle with a magnetic attachment! Making life a whole lot easier for thirsty bikers!