Roabiker on a tour with FIDLOCK VACUUM

FIDLOCK BIKE – magnetizing bicycle accessories with the special TWIST for retail

No more skin pinching and with single-handed operation – our SNAP helmet buckles have established FIDLOCK in the B2B cycling industry. Thereby, they opened doors for our in-house retail brand FIDLOCK BIKE with a team of bike enthusiasts, dedicated to innovating accessories for a unique outdoor experience. Therefore, the FIDLOCK technology comes in handy, based on the difference of the opening and closing process. As a result, the moment of attaching and removing a FIDLOCK BIKE accessory is an intuitive and fun experience. Today, our retail portfolio already includes multiple technologies which are uniquely adapted to their purpose - be it for attaching a bottle or for safe and dry transport of essentials for your tours. Visit FIDLOCK BIKE and get a detailed overview of our innovative retail products!


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TWIST – freeing the bottle from its cage

A quick twist of the bottle to release it and simply letting it snap back on: The intuitive functionality of the TWIST principle freed the bottle from its cage and revolutionized the drinking experience for bikers and outdoor fans. Based on our patented combination of a mechanical lock and magnetic force, TWIST holds tight even on the bumpiest of mountain bike trails. This unique modular technology allows the attachment not only to even very small bike frames but bags or belts as well. All TWIST bottles fit on all TWIST bases and vice versa, making TWIST a versatile, fun and functional accessory for thirsty outdoor fans!

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TWIST concept

TWIST bottle 590 being detached from bike
ML-BordoMount attached to TWIST base
Toolbox and bottle attached to TWIST bases

VACUUM – Holder for smartphones with new FIDLOCK technology

VACUUM handlebar base on bike
VACUUM ahead cap base
VACUUM base attached to car vent

VACUUM is the newest accessory that emerged from the FIDLOCK BIKE think tank – however, not only for bikes! This innovative technology combines the power of a vacuum with magnetic force, securely holding your smartphone when biking on rough trails. We want to make quick access to the smartphone as easy as possible for users, whether it be mountain biking or commuting: Just let the smartphone drop onto the holder to attach it to your bike, and soon even to your car or desk! A quick push of the lever will release it.



VACUUM technology

PUSH – innovative saddle bags

Push saddle bag on bike and open
Push saddle bag close-up
Push saddle bag being opened

Available in two different sizes, the PUSH saddle bags feature a fun and functional quick-release system: Just push the button for easy access and let it snap back on. This unique technology achieves reliable and secure fasting without additional straps or hook-and-loop fasteners. On top of that, the rail standard guarantees compatibility for every bike saddle! Find a unique and liberating way to store essentials and tools for biking adventures with the PUSH saddle bags!

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PUSH concept

HERMETIC arm band for consumers as example for HERMETIC B2C products

HERMETIC – keeping your valuables clean and dry

True outdoor fans are ready for adventures in any weather, come rain or shine. Naturally, they do not want to worry about water, dust or mud ruining maps, electronics or what else they might need for their plans. The HERMETIC products feature a magnetic self-sealing closure based on patented Gooper technology and keep what is dear to you clean and dry. Just let go – and the bag closes immediately and automatically!

HERMETIC technology

Additional features make the HERMETIC dry bags ideal for versatile purposes, such as smartphone covers. Devices with touchscreens can be operated through the foil, preventing dirty fingerprints. On top of that, the bags are completely waterproof, matching the IPX8 standard and can be cleaned as easily as washing your hands.

Our HERMETIC sports tools feature different strap systems geared towards sports use for the ideal fit. Discover this unique combination of the HERMETIC technology for dry essentials with high wearing comfort for sports - be it on land, in the water or in the snow!

HERMETIC sports tools


HERMETIC dry bag being used for sailing
HERMETIC sling bag in use for outdoor photography
HERMETIC chest bag being used for snowboarding
HERMETIC arm band being used for jogging
Dry bag being opened
Hermetic Dry bag on table - touchscreen use through foil