FIDLOCK sneaker shown in two perspectives - full view of design and used fastener

Proudly presenting the FIDLOCK concept sneaker

Our Footwear team goes beyond borders of prototyping and testing magnetic fasteners for shoes – and developed their own sneaker for a thorough understanding of our customers' needs!

Used daily, footwear has very unique requirements. Depending on the purpose and shoe style, components should be hard-wearing, reliable, intuitive, and visually appealing. Additionally, brands, manufacturers and designers require diverse functionalities, looks and suitable assembly types, allowing them to realize the vision they have for their next pair. Therefore, our team decided to put themselves in their customers' shoes by creating the FIDLOCK concept sneaker. Experiencing everything first-hand, from the initial concept to production and testing of the final sneaker, gives them valuable insight into the needs of our customers and customers' customers. As a result, we are now proudly presenting our first FIDLOCK concept sneaker!

Thumbnail of a trailer presenting the fidlock concept sneaker

Please note that this sneaker is not for sale and will not be available as a retail product. This sneaker was developed for demonstration purposes only, serving as inspiration for the use of FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners on footwear. The sneaker will be displayed in our showrooms, at our booth during fairs and events and distributors will be provided with a pair for customer advisory services.

About the FIDLOCK concept sneaker

Of course, our footwear team created a sneaker filled to the brim with innovative features that perfectly demonstrate the benefits of FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners for shoes. They opted for the FIDLOCK WINCH since the great versatility of this fastener predestines it for footwear. Tightening, adjusting and fastening are combined in a fun and easy-to-use component – ideal qualities for a sneaker. Are you working on your next footwear project or looking for ideas? Then get inspired by our FIDLOCK concept sneaker featuring the WINCH magnetic fastener! 

a par of the FIDLOCK concept sneaker shown from a front perspective view
A pair of the FIDLOCK concept sneaker shown from behind in a perspective view

Advantages for users:

No laces! Tying shoes can be a nuisance for users, especially when in a rush. Therefore, our team integrated the WINCH to relieve users of handling shoelaces while maintaining their high adjustability and flexibility.

Self-closing! The clever application of the WINCH allows users to close the fastener of their shoe by simply tilting their foot backwards.

Single-handed operation! As a rotary fastener, the WINCH offers quick adjusting and tightening - with only one hand. Additionally, opening the WINCH is similarly intuitive. Simply lift the handle from the base.

Close-up of the WINCH assembly on the sneaker
The sneaker shown from above and below - sole & tongue

Advantages for designers and manufacturers:

Visible WINCH integration! Attached beneath a transparent material, you can see how the WINCH is sewn onto the sneaker.  

Innovative tongue construction! Get inspired by the unique design of the tongue, allowing the use of only a short lace and enabling the self-closing by tilting feature for users.

Highly functional WINCH integration! The FIDLOCK concept sneaker demonstrates the versatility and intuitive use of the magnetic fastener, creating an exciting unique selling point that stands out from conventionally laced shoes.

Lightweight component! The WINCH is loaded with innovation without adding much weight to the scale.

Curious? You can take a closer look at the sneaker at upcoming fairs and events!
Footwear at FIDLOCK even has its own channel on Instagram, where you can find exciting insights into the development of the concept sneaker and innovative closure concepts.
Of course, you can also contact us with any questions or for support regarding the FIDLOCK concept sneaker and the use of FIDLOCK fasteners for footwear.

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Need more inspiration? Then visit our page dedicated to the possibilities of diverse FIDLOCK fasteners for footwear!

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