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Francis Cade 

Instagram:  @francisccade

True to his motto “The more people cycle, the better the world” Francis Cade motivates thousands of cycling enthusiasts around the globe every day. He not only inspires his fans but also inspires others with his passion for two-wheelers. The same passion drives FIDLOCK – the perfect basis for a partnership! The London filmmaker started cycling at an early age. Originally, he mainly used his road bike to go to school. When one day a classmate offered to race him home, he was hooked. Just a year later, Francis began to compete in official races. At 20 he received his Elite Racing License and the enthusiasm has only grown since then. However, his rapid development in the bike sector does not come from anywhere. For the Englishman, spending time on the street is not just a hobby.

For him, cycling means much more: “You’re not limited by anything, you can go almost anywhere under your own steam.” His two-wheeler is his door to freedom. His bike gives him the opportunity to discover the world at his own pace. With his bike he is not limited to anything, nothing can stop him. Autonomously, he can visit places he has never been before. That’s what his enthusiasm grows from. And cycling is never the same, states Francis. Every time, cycling can be a unique experience. “It can be meditative or social, hard or easy, fast or slow,” says the creative road biker. Cycling brings variety and excitement, but also peace and balance into his life. But his bike is not only important in everyday life. His bike is never far away, even on adventures. He has already traveled on his two-wheeler through wild jungles, through large cities full of noise and traffic, but also along quiet coasts and through Vietnam. During his adventures, his FIDLOCK TWIST bottles are always with him. In particular, the different ways to carry the FIDLOCK products have been a must-have on all of his tours and have proven themselves, he reports. 

For Francis, the bottles are more than just a container for transporting liquids – they are reliable, functional, and make his bike look even better. “The peace of mind and convenience is great.” That is what inspires him about the FIDLOCK products. Because of this, Francis used FIDLOCK products long before the partnership. When we got to know each other personally at the Rad Race Tour de Friends, the first step towards the partnership was taken. Today, we are proud to officially share the adventures with Francis and to report about the upcoming trips. We look forward to working with you and we are glad to have you onboard, Francis!