FIDLOCK signs exclusive licensing agreement with GOOPER

After many successful years in the magnetic fastening industry, FIDLOCK’s growth now allows the incorporation of other innovative brands

The previous years of growth have established FIDLOCK in diverse industries: helmet industry, (school) bag industry, bike industry, footwear industry and apparel industry. New prospects at our disposal are now allowing to facilitate other great ideas and therefore, the signing of the exclusive licensing agreement with GOOPER was made possible.


GOOPER was founded in 2009 by Philip Naftali and 3 other team members, with their leading goal being a hermetic self-sealing system. Despite the development starting in a simple garage, GOOPER now offers the world’s first patented, magnetic and multi-proof system: water, dust, gas, smell and bacteria are kept outside and GOOPER has received patents in China, the EU, Canada, the USA and Australia in return. GOOPER customers span many different fields including outdoor, watersports and the medical field.


“The perception of the products fits perfectly into the vision of FIDLOCK. The moment of opening, closing, attaching and securing is to be an intuitive and positive experience for the user” – Joachim Fiedler, Founder of FIDLOCK.


The products and technologies of GOOPER and FIDLOCK coincide in the use of neodymium magnets, which create secure locking and great ease of use: FIDLOCK combines the features of a mechanical buckle with magnetic force, creating the patented FIDLOCK concept with automatic closure. The GOOPER hermetic system is defined by similar properties, allowing the user to “just let go” and still be able to rely on the sealing properties.


“We are striving to expand both, B2B and B2C product lines. Aside from the GOOPER dry bags for end consumers, the GOOPER technology suits many B2B application areas, such as workwear, sportswear, bags, jackets and more. Merging GOOPER with FIDLOCK allows us to bring more products to the market faster” – Philip Naftali, founder of GOOPER.



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Founded in 2007 by former professional musician, Joachim Fiedler, FIDLOCK creates innovative and patented fastening concepts by combining the benefits of a magnetic fastener and mechanical fasteners. FIDLOCK patent portfolios in the world of magnetic fasteners have grown to 65 patent families, with more than 300 patents in various countries.

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