FIDLOCK supports the enercity Leinewelle

Hanoverian think tank meets surf community

Grabbing the board to go for a surf in the middle of the city? That’s what scene insider and project leader Heiko Heybey is making possible in Hanover! As of spring 2022, an artificially generated surf wave will attract surfing enthusiasts and tourists like a magnet to the capital city of Lower Saxony. Based on the Eisbach wave in Munich, Heybey’s team is bringing the urban sport to Hanover, sparing the local surf community long journeys to the sea in the future.



The project operator and gastronomer has already done a lot to make Hanover more attractive in the past. However, the city currently lacks a “home spot” where surfers can surf before or after work if they want, says Heybey in an interview with Surfers Mag. With the enercity Leinewelle, Hanover will be enriched by a non-commercial sporting attraction. Also, about 500 active local surfers will soon be able to hop into the cool water near the old town.



Surfing in a big city – Taking the river instead of the sea


Various surfing systems have also developed away from the sea with the growing surfing scene, including river surfing. These often involve surfing on a standing wave created on the surface of a flowing body of water. Depending on the amount of water and flow speed, an obstacle creates a wave with the water’s own current. As a result, the surfer can stand on the wave and surf – not like in the sea, where he is pushed from behind by the wave.



Donations are being diligently collected from the surfing community and other supporters to finance the surfing paradise. As a local and innovative company, we are also pleased to financially support this project to bring surfing to Hanover’s centre. In addition to great sympathy for Heybey’s project and the practice of local patriotism, our waterproof HERMETIC sports tools and dry bags are popular among surfers. They are the perfect companions for splashy tides on the enercity Leinewelle. Due to the fully automatic closure technology, all items water sports enthusiasts bring onto the wave, remain 100% waterproof – even in large waves and rough action.



You can find further information about the enercity Leinewelle here.