From the first FIDLOCK bottle to the new TWIST bottle 590

We had to wait a while, longer than anticipated, but finally, we are celebrating the launch of our new FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 590, which made us remember the beginning of the TWIST system.

It all started with FIDLOCK’s mission to make the moment of closing or connecting to something special. From this emerged the idea to use the perks of a magnetic and mechanical system as a mount for a bicycle bottle and to reward bike fans with completely intuitive handling of the bottle.

The story behind TWIST

An intuitive and secure bottle holder for bicycles, without the bulky size or jiggling of a bottle in a cage, was a tempting idea. The ball was set rolling in 2013 by bike enthusiasts of our development team.

However, the work on the bicycle bottle holder was and promptly met by the first obstacle: What system can be attached with a swift movement and stays secured even on bumpy trails? After a lot of brainstorming, the answer transpired from a previous FIDLOCK magnetic fastener, the TWISTER. As the name indicates, the functionality of the archetype is based on a twisting-motion. This movement prohibits the bottle from falling off or sliding out of the attachment. Naturally, it is paired with the automatic closure, already known from the magnetic and mechanical FIDLOCK concept.

However, schedules and workloads changed, and the development was temporarily halted. Fortunately, many motivated bike fans work at FIDLOCK and development could be continued not much later, in 2015. Many ideas were tested and our developer’s nerves were strained. Finally, his hard work was rewarded with the TWIST system by FIDLOCK as we know it, and a very successful introduction at the Eurobike 2016.



TWIST: The label’s unexpected evolution

Although planned as a typical OEM product, we were flooded with requests by retail stores and distributors alike in the days following the Eurobike 2016. The high demand and the great reception of the magnetic bottle holder paved the way for the TWIST system by FIDLOCK needing its own team and becoming an in-house retail product, and finally, a retail brand:

The TWIST uni base, TWIST uni connector, a smaller bottle and the PUSH saddle bag 600 were already introduced at the Eurobike 2017. They were quickly followed by the PUSH saddle bag 400 at the following Eurobike and rewarded with first positions for the TWIST bottle in different tests by the ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine and MTB-News in 2018. Last year was no less exciting with the TWIST uni connector winning the Design & Innovation Award 2019, the industry’s benchmark for new and innovative products. And it keeps delivering: apart from the TWIST bottle 590 with improved features, the TWIST bottle 450 kids and the TWIST toolbox will be soon available.

Advantages of the new TWIST bottle 590

Most noticeable is the new and ergonomically optimized design with the rounded edges. As a result, the bottle doesn’t just look slimmer but fits onto smaller bike frames as well.

Also, the bottle was equipped with a new cap with a large water flow rate. Thanks to the self-sealing valve, no leaking or dripping has to be feared. A removable dirt cap keeps the mouthpiece clean on muddy trails, even when the bottle is attached to the downtube of a bike.

So far, the bottle was supported by a Gravity Kit which is no longer required. The TWIST bottle 590 stays secure on bumpy terrains by itself, due to the new connection technology, called “overmolding”.
Of course, the TWIST bottle 590 stays compatible with the TWIST bases and the connector, allowing a bottle upgrade for previous parts.