Haibike Enduro Crew

On the trail of the Haibike Enduro Crew, we get to know a super exciting team from Southern Germany! We asked ourselves what drives this crew, what are they doing with all of their energy, and what kind of plans they are pursuing. And we got amazing insights!



The story of the Southern German Haibike Enduro Crew began in 2015. Since then, the team has settled in the MTB Enduro and e-bike world. Following the motto “Improvisation based on good preparation always leads to a smooth process”, these team members understand themselves blindly. As a result, all of their adventures are “Good Times on the Trails”. Being in nature while adrenaline is rushing through their veins and staying focused on the trails always puts a big smile on their faces.

The Haibike Enduro Crew can be found mainly on Europe’s most beautiful trails, in magazines, product catalogues as well as at the relevant festivals and MTB camps. At those events, they love being guides and giving recommendations regarding riding techniques. Their mission is to share their enthusiasm for two-wheelers with other experienced bikers or newbies. This mission has already taken one crew member on a 14-day journey across Nepal’s trails, during which the TWIST bottle 450 has withstood the rigours of racing. The e-mountain bikers are fascinated by the speed on the trails.
Currently, the Haibike Enduro Crew consists of the following five experienced bikers, who are all bike crazy and a bit social media addicted. But above all, they are bikers with all their heart!



And with these members, the fun of the shared bike experience is never neglected:


Toffer, the bike-mad social media guy

Toffer records all the tours and events of the crew on his own YouTube channel. When he’s not catching the moment, he’s getting the earth to shake. It doesn’t matter whether he’s on an E-MTB or Enduro – as long as the cart has two wheels and is fast.

Michl, the likable Upper Palatinate with a style factor

Michl is a thoroughbred e-mountain biker with an affinity for technology. He likes touring, but he is not afraid of uphill or E-MTB races.


Martina, the eye for the camera

The bike-crazy Martina is the good soul of the team. She always has the camera nearby and a brilliant trail tour in store. When she gets into “shred mode” on the trails, she doesn’t just challenge the men in the team. At bike festivals or trail camps, she keeps the crowd happy and always knows how to lighten up the mood.


Tom, the experienced biker

With more than 30 years of trail knowledge, Tom is the experience in person. He still loves the sportive challenge and often sets the tone on the uphill. Whether in a race, on an alpine trail excursion, or as a guide with other bike enthusiasts, he is in his element. Technology and working on his (always well-maintained) bike is the second passion of the team’s “engineer” .


Flo, the good mood guarantor

Nothing can shake the long haired premium guide Flo. As soon as he has a bike under his bum, he becomes a performance machine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a race to win or the hunt for the best “shot” from our crew photographer Martina. And by the way, he is the Master of Ceremony for the “After-Ride-Beer” rituals.



As different characters as they are, they share a passion for biking: “Biking simply clears your mind. You are independent of time and place. You only focus on the presence. Only the moment counts. And by the way, you have a lot of fun. That in combination with fascinating technology – is there anything better?”

Especially the 500W plus electric power of the e-mountain bikes motivate them. But of course, also the experience of every single day on the bike. They are always looking for ways to get even better – regardless of whether it is their own fitness, driving skills, social media presence, or simply passing on the enthusiasm for their hobby. Getting to know new trails or people and gaining new experiences is the optimal motivation to get on the bike. They focus on one thing: having good times with their bikes on the trails!



And that shouldn’t be neglected in 2021, the Haibike Enduro Crew told us. Their plans for this year are looking good:

“As soon as festivals take place again in 2021, we plan to take part at the Riva del Garda and Willingen BIKE festivals or Verbier e-bike festival and at the women’s bike camps like the one in Winterberg or Reschensee. In addition, the German E-Mountainbike Championship is an important part on our agenda for the upcoming year. But we do not only want to take part at such festivals, but also want to offer guiding tours. After completing our training as guides, we would like to host our first trail camp. Such a camp is the best way to live and pass on our enthusiasm for biking. This means that we can finally be in contact with the bike community again.”


We are excited to share their upcoming adventures as soon as possible!