Ibis FIDLOCK Racing

The new edition of Ibis FIDLOCK Racing is taking off this year. We chatted with them about everything to do with bikes, who they are and what drives them to keep chasing down the trails.



Ibis FIDLOCK Racing has a new line-up this year. The team has its origins in Wiesbaden. In search of the ideal line, they cruise through breathtaking nature as well as well as mountains and enjoy the good mood that prevails among riders in the Enduro scene. Despite all the ambition, fun comes first for them. And the combination pays off: in recent years they have increasingly managed to secure podium places at German and international events. They enjoy their lives on two wheels and know how to get from A to B as quickly as possible. They are happy to pass their passion on to others. This team is surrounded by a familiar atmosphere which makes them ready for any fun.


Anton Wünscher, the grinning man in the team

Anton has been part of the team since 2020. The mechanical engineering student from Taunus is always up for fun. Anton loves bicycles, whether enduro, dirt bike, crosser, or racing bike. With his background in motocross and downhill, he is equipped with everything a successful enduro racer must have. In 2019, Anton demonstrated his exceptional speed with two top 5 placements in the Alpine Enduro series, which he topped one year later: In 2020 Anton stood on the podium of the Alpine Enduro Series twice!



Lena Arnd, the newcomer

Lena spends every free second on her bike. She loves every kind of competition and is an integral part of the German enduro scene. In 2019, she stood on the podium seven times and won the overall Trail Trophy series. An injury-related break followed in 2020. In 2021, she wants to enrich the team with lots of girl power and further podium placements.



Adrian Vesenbeckh, team manager and an “old hand” in the game

Whether on the bike, on skis, or climbing: Adrian’s passion for flow usually culminates in high-level sporting adventures. He’s an “old hand” on the bike: five years in the downhill national team and top 10 placements at the Junior World Championships and the European Championships. After a few years of abstinence from mountain biking, he celebrated a successful comeback in the enduro scene in 2017 and is now one of the fastest enduro riders in Germany.



What does cycling mean to you?

“Reading the terrain on epic trails in fractions of a second, playfully converting every unevenness into propulsion and merging with bike and trail in the intoxication of speed”. For Ibis FIDLOCK Racing, enduro means celebrating biking in its purest form.

“The bike offers the best conditions for having tons of fun during all seasons and in all weathers. Sometimes, it takes some willpower to go outside, but you always come back with a smile.”


What is your motivation?

“Once competition – always competition. Once you’ve had the pleasure of being at the top of the podium, then you don’t want to leave. But basically, we love what we do and ride bikes because we enjoy it.”


What do you want to achieve this year?

“This year, too, the team wants to chase seconds together, accelerate and enjoy life on the bike. In terms of sport, of course, we want to be among the front runners as always. Otherwise, we love good weather, good atmosphere, good trails and just having a good time with friends. We hope for as many starting positions as possible at the EWS / EWS100 and the qualifier races. Nationally we compete in the Trail Trophy and the German Championship.”


What does FIDLOCK mean to you?

“As Ibis FIDLOCK Racing, we naturally identify very strongly with the FIDLOCK brand. Back in the day, we were able to build our team from scratch and only asked companies whose products we were really convinced of. We were warmly welcomed by FIDLOCK and working together is simply fun. We are partly involved in the product development by testing them early on, so it is not surprising that we are absolutely convinced of the products.

The products are robust and well thought out. In the race, it is important for us that we can rely on our material. Losing a water bottle in the race would definitely be very annoying for us.

In winter, the TWIST uni connector for the thermos is clearly our favorite! In summer it is the TWIST bottle 590. It’s got a good water flow and the flip cap protects the drink from the mud-splattered bottle.

We are now looking forward to a new season this new year. The unexpected situation in spring 2020 also slowed us down in mountain biking – races were postponed and winter training was initially not rewarded with racing successes. But Ibis FIDLOCK Racing did not stick the head in the sand, we kept fit, happy and motivated.”