Leigh Johnson

Leigh Johnson has turned his passion into a job. He started small and managed to become a professional cyclist!

As a young child, Leigh was encouraged to ride a bike by his parents. Once he started, he was hooked by the fun of riding. Even as a little boy, he couldn’t wait to get on his bike after school. This passion continued to grow and has not stopped to this day. Even though cycling has now become his job, for Leigh it still means being able to escape everyday life. When he does need a change though, he either escapes in motocross or gets himself into one of his projects. In any case, with Leigh you never get bored. He always faces new challenges, and even if something does not go to plan, Leigh becomes even more motivated to constantly improve himself.



This is also reflected in his career. In the year of 2012, Leigh took part in his first race. He told us that he wasn’t very good back then. But he always set new goals and surpassed himself. Nine years later he made it – cycling has become his profession. In 2019, he managed to finish 12th in the EWS series, among several other successes. Since then, he always had his FIDLOCK bottles at hand. Especially in winter, the dirt cap is a must-have, he told us. And if he needs less weight, he just uses the TWIST bottle 450. Leigh is convinced:

 “Once you’ve tried a TWIST bottle, you don’t want to get back to a normal bottle anymore.”

In any case, we are excited to see what Leigh has planned in 2021 and are looking forward to be able to support him on his journey.