Max Schumann

From Lapland to North Korea and Africa – Max has travelled all over the world on his bike in recent years.

His tours have taken him to the most impressive places in the world and to the most diverse mountains. In bitter cold, he went bikepacking through the snowy landscape of Lapland, where his thermos bottle in the TWIST uni connector kept him warm. No matter when and where – with his camera and the FIDLOCK TWIST bottles, Max is always ready to capture the breathtaking moments on all his tours and keep them forever.


Max riding his bike in Lappland in the snow during night.


His latest project: bringing together his countless experiences and stories in one book and thus being able to share his passion with all bike and adventure enthusiasts. Guided by the VACUUM smartphone mount, he went on a research tour across Tuscany.


Max biking through a jungle


Even though Max travels around the globe on his bike today, everything started in his hometown. As a child, his bike was always in close reach, but biking became a real passion when he was a teenager. His enthusiasm for enduro biking began on the trails in the nearby forest. At that time he didn’t even know that such a discipline exists. But his enthusiasm for his two-wheeler turned the trails into his second home. Nowadays, one thing is certain for Max – if he is on his bike:

“The way to happiness is never very long.”

Be it in his neighborhood or on long trips, Max is always searching for new adventures. Combining nature with action, constantly facing new challenges, and discovering special places is what motivates him. Whether on the MTB / enduro trails, long tours on the road bike, or a gravel bike – as long as the bike has two wheels, Max is in his element!


Max on Top of a mountain while riding his mountainbike.


All his adventures with his bike will also shape his everyday life in 2021. Next to writing his bike book, he is also planning his longest day tour with 300km on the gravel bike. So we are looking forward to this exciting adventure and all of his upcoming bike stories!