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The moment is essential
for the perfect photo.

The hunt for the perfect shot is the driving force behind every excursion. From the smartphone that is always at hand to the professional SLR camera – the right equipment at the right time counts.

Everything you need for the perfect shot

NEW: SNAPSNAP camera strap

Reliable gear for more concentration on the perfect shot: the SNAPSNAP camera strap provides more balance and comfort when taking photos.

Using patented technology, the SNAPSNAP camera strap and two mounts connect to the backpack and, in addition to noticeable balance, also ensure more safety of the camera. The system distributes its weight over the shoulder straps and relieves the neck. Also, the camera sits closer to the body, significantly minimizing swinging. The mechanism will only automatically release when lifting the camera for use, thanks to a sophisticated system with magnetic-mechanical fasteners.

  • Patented technology for neck relief
  • Optimized weight balance of your camera equipment
  • Flexible application with all common cameras and backpacks

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VACUUM mini tripod base

Turn important moments into (photo) memories for a lifetime with the tripod. The VACUUM mini tripod base is a portable tripod including a selfie stick that folds up small, allowing users to take it along in a backpack.

Additionally, the holder is the perfect tool when working at the table or cooking at home. Thanks to the ingeniously simple combination of magnetic force and VACUUM, the smartphone can be used with one hand and rotated 360°, while a ball detent prevents it from twisting during travel.

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VACUUM mini tripod base

  • Stable tripod and selfie stick in one
  • Extendable telescopic arm
  • VACUUM head fits standard ¼ inch threads
  • Ball head for optimal positioning of the smartphone
  • No interference with the electronics
  • Suitable for all VACUUM cases

HERMETIC dry bag mega

The XL-sized magnetic-mechanical self-closing bag offers plenty of storage space for everything that shouldn’t get wet: charging cables, spare batteries, documents, or even a tablet. The touch-compatible foil ensures the full usability of digital tools. Even if you get caught in more than a light shower, your equipment is stored 100% waterproof.

  • Magnetic self-sealing
  • 100% water and sandproof
  • No interference with electronics and cards
  • Other formats and sizes available

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