replacement bottle 800


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Delivery without connector and base.

  • Leak-proof, self-sealing bottle cap with a high water flow valve and optional dirt cover
  • Improved squeeze due to a soft, BPA-free polyethylene
  • 800 ml / 27.05 fl oz volume
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made in Italy
  • Compatible with all TWIST bases for bikes

replacement bottle 800

800 ml replacement bottle for magnetic-mechanical bottle mounting system

All bottles age – even the TWIST bottles are not magic. Once the old bottle is worn down, the magnetic connector can be detached from the old bottle and is easily reattach to a new replacement bottle.
The exchange is simple: Unscrew the belt from the connector, place the connector on the new bottle, lay the belt around it, insert the screws and tighten – cheers!