RAAW // LEVELNINE Gravity Team

New year, new team, new focus. In 2022, the RAAW // LEVELNINE Gravity Team will be attacking Enduro. Motivated by the common passion for cycling and the diverse potential of each rider, this team accepts every challenge. For this reason, they now participate for the first time as an official team in the EWS.




Even though they never miss out on the fun, the members of the RAAW // LEVELNINE Gravity Team try to get the best out of themselves individually every time. To do this, the ambitious riders support each other and learn from one other. Above all, it is important to them that they get along well as people. They all bring their strengths and skills with them, with which they can perfectly complement the team:



As a co-founder of the team, Torben is not only a valuable rider, he also complements this with his knowledge from his mechanical engineering studies. With his bike know-how, he doesn’t let anything stop him from making the downhill and enduro trails unsafe. Originally a cross-country rider, he already made it to the national squad and the LEXWARE team in 2017.



Whether on or off the bike – Christian lives for his passion. With his dirt jump past and many years on the enduro, he brings not only the necessary style but also his extensive experience as a racer and wrench to the team.



As a team manager and mentor for many years, David is now also competing for the team as an Adaptive Mountain Bike rider himself for the first time. He not only impressively demonstrates his riding skills, but is also a role model for others to practice this sport – no matter what situation you are in.


As a newcomer, Helen complements the team. As a former cross-country rider, she doesn’t shy away from anything. Thus, after switching to enduro, she has already achieved great success – and that in the still young age group of U21. Her potential is thus unmistakable and so she already stood on the podium at the EWS La Thuile.

Together they travel from race to race in the summer and discover new, beautiful areas. Through national and international successes in these races, they want to make a name for themselves in Germany. Apart from winning races, they want to inspire as many young people and adults as possible to take up the sport.

For the RAAW // LEVELNINE Gravity Team, the proximity to nature and the versatility of the sport are good reasons to get back on the bike again and again. Whether during training sessions, on long tours or in competitions – the TWIST bottles are always there. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure, Italy, has dispensed with aid zones. However, due to the enormous heat and the demanding altitude profile (2000hm/day) with full protective gear, it was important to drink a lot. Thanks to the FIDLOCK uni base, team rider Torben was able to attach more water bottles to the enduro bike and thus successfully finish the race in 47th place. We are happy to be able to contribute to the success of the RAAW // LEVELNINE Gravity Team and hope for many more stories!