Robert Williams

Growing up on a farm surrounded by trails, it was clear early on that two-wheeling would become Rob’s passion. At the age of 5, he was already riding motocross, followed later by mountain biking. Today he is enthusiastic about everything that has two wheels.


Above all, the freedom and the new challenges with each new trail excite him about mountain biking. Every trail is different, every time he has to put himself and his skills to the test and test his limits again and again. Rob is especially motivated by the fact that he has fun overcoming each new hurdle.



Whether mountain bike, e-bike or road bike – Rob is enthusiastic about the diversity of cycling. Whether it’s climbing the mountains in Spain on a road bike in the winter or hitting the trails in Portugal and Italy in the summer – as long as the two-wheeler is with him, Rob will take on any challenge. So you can find his name at the top of the list not only on Strava in South Wales. The Welshman native is also successful in international enduro races. Back in 2014, Rob became the European Enduro Champion and made it into the top 30 EWS participants. And all the while, the coffee lover trains entirely according to his own schedule.



Without a coach or team, but with training geared to his daily form, entirely according to his needs and with a clear focus, the comfortable downhill rider became an ambitious enduro racer. In this way, Rob showed that everything it takes to excel is within each and every one of us. He impressively demonstrates that one’s own motivation, the focus on the goal, and the belief in one’s own strength enables everyone to achieve incredible things.