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KEEGO x FIDLOCK: two award winners, one goal.

Thanks to FIDLOCK, the revolutionary KEEGO water bottle mag(net)ically on your bike - a must for all cycling fans! When biking on the trails, on the serpentines in the Dolomites, or when bikepacking under the stars - there's one thing you definitely should not miss: your water bottle, which...

FIDLOCK supports the enercity Leinewelle

Hanoverian think tank meets surf community Grabbing the board to go for a surf in the middle of the city? That's what scene insider and project leader Heiko Heybey is making possible in Hanover! As of spring 2022, an artificially generated surf wave will attract surfing enthusiasts and tourists...

The spring check part 2 – how to check the functions of your bike!

Your bike is cleaned spotless and just waiting for its first ride in the new season? Not so fast! Before you head out, check all functions of your most loyal companion, to make sure, you'll have good time on the trails and roads. In conversation with Ambassador Laura and Crossladen mechanic...

The spring check part 1 – how to clean your bike properly!

Whether enduro, road bike, or gravel – we are all looking forward to riding in the newly awakened nature, finally! But before you take your best buddy for a spin, you should first devote some time to your loyal companion. You can find out how to do this here in two steps! As reliably as your...
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MTB and classical music at FIDLOCK? – Joachim Fiedler visits Jasper Jauch

At first glance, it couldn't be more different - classical music and MTB biking. But in a conversation with MTB professional Jasper Jauch and FIDLOCK founder Joachim Fiedler, we discover surprising similarities. Jasper Jauch is a former MTB professional. Coming from a humble background, he worked...
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VACUUM wins Design & Innovation Award 2021

FIDLOCK proudly announces that the new smartphone mount VACUUM has won the Design & Innovation Award in the category "Equipment Offroad"! VACUUM is the latest technology from the German think tank, which uses the power and fun of magnets as usual. However, unlike other FIDLOCK...
Gelbes Fahrrad Flasche Waldboden
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From the first FIDLOCK bottle to the new TWIST bottle 590

We had to wait a while, longer than anticipated, but finally, we are celebrating the launch of our new FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 590, which made us remember the beginning of the TWIST system. It all started with FIDLOCK’s mission to make the moment of closing or connecting to something special....
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Home Trails – Interview with Katharina Kruse

We met with Katharina from the Ibis-FIDLOCK Racing Team on a sunny, but freezing cold day in the Deister, Germany, where we shooted new products and talked to her about cycling in the cold season. Winter’s unpopularity is actually quite unjustified if you only know how to deal with it. Katharina...

FIDLOCK signs exclusive licensing agreement with GOOPER

After many successful years in the magnetic fastening industry, FIDLOCK’s growth now allows the incorporation of other innovative brands The previous years of growth have established FIDLOCK in diverse industries: helmet industry, (school) bag industry, bike industry, footwear industry and...