The new TWIST bottle with Overmolding Technology

FIDLOCK aims to turn the inconspicuous moment of opening and closing of all kind of fasteners into an experience by combining the fun and power of magnets with a secure mechanical locking. TWIST aims to do the exact same – turning the seemingly insignificant moment of hydration on the bike into a fun experience while providing a secure hold which eliminates the nuisance of losing bottles.

By substituting the big and old-fashioned bottle cage with FIDLOCK’s tried and tested concept of all the fun and power of magnets with a secure mechanical locking, FIDLOCK freed the bottle from its cage.
TWIST is a cageless bike bottle mount, which is secure, modular and intuitive.

The first generation of the TWIST bottle 600 proved that the system reinvented the way we can shred on our bikes. But extreme build and bike situations like the mounting to the downtube on a mountain bike showed that the strong forces pulling on a filled-up bottle needed extra security. We provided this in the temporary form of the Gravity Kit around the TWIST bottle 600 to guarantee a secure hold, even under heavy strain and in every terrain.

Now, we have updated the TWIST bottle 600 with a new connection technology that no longer requires the aid of the Gravity Kit.
The Bottle Link, attached to the bottle and interface for the connector, was formerly laser-welded to the bottle body, but is now integrated into the body before it is blown. This overmolding technology provides a strong and secure connection, which makes the Gravity Kit redundant, and a design upgrade possible.

What does that mean for our customers? The connector is still compatible with the new bottle technology, the cap and material of the TWIST bottle 600 stays the same.