Fastener: SNAP push
Application: School bag collection
Manufacturer: DerDieDas
Product: ErgoFlex

"DerDieDas" school bags help lighten the load for children on their way to school - just as the manufacturer's motto says. The school bags are designed to be as light and as ergonomic as possible, as children already have enough weight on their backs with their books. The “DerDieDas” designers involved children in the product development phase to help them design the school bags according to the children's needs. 

Child's play to carry and to use

Weighing just 800 grammes, the ErgoFlex is one of the lightest of all “DerDieDas” school bags. It combines very low weight with outstanding ergonomics and maximum flexibility. The ergonomically designed back can be adjusted to suit the height of the child and merges into a padded belt. The ErgoFlex also uses a Fidlock SNAP push to adjust the height of the school bag fastener, providing both lightness and safety: the main compartment can be opened easily with one hand and closes more or less automatically. 

  • DerDieDas - School rucksack ergoflex

  • DerDieDas - School rucksack ergoflex

  • DerDieDas - School rucksack ergoflex

Interplay of design and engineering

“DerDieDas” and Fidlock worked hand in hand to develop the school bag fastener. The school bag specialists styled the fasteners to match the design of the ErgoFlex; Fidlock then integrated the proven SNAP push technology into the finished concept. The customised fastener went from draft to final product in just eight weeks. And the most important thing: children just love the fact that the snap fastener is so easy to use.

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