Motorcycle luggage mount with magnetic "grip" for safe road holding






Fastener: SLIDER, Customized fastener
Application: Motorcycle luggage mount
Manufacturer: Hepco & Becker
Product: "Lock it" magnetic system for tankbags and luggage carriers

For almost 40 years, Hepco Becker has been developing reliable accessory solutions for everything bike-related; today they are synonymous with motorcycle luggage, luggage carriers, cases, and bags – all with the "made in Germany" quality stamp. World- renowned motorcycle brands can add to their original equipment with Hepco Becker's reliable products.

Quick Release – motorcycle luggage mount

Hepco Becker have succeeded in making an innovative leap forward with their motorcycle luggage mount "Lock it", which perfectly combines simple operation and maximum safety. The fastening system is based on the unique development of the Fidlock SLIDER fastener. It is designed to be both a tank ring for the safe mounting of tankbags, as well as a luggage carrier for the transportation of tail bags. The main advantage: Hepco Becker bags with the "Lock it" fastener by Fidlock can easily be fastened to a motorcycle, transported safely, and then removed again.

Tailor-made for Hepco & Becker

Thanks to the Fidlock principle, the magnets within the parts of the fastener are attracted to each other, the fastener closes automatically, and the item of luggage is centered in the process. The mechanical lock, which is typical of Fidlock fasteners, also ensures stability – no matter the road holding. To unlock it, the poles of the magnets become reversed by pulling a strap and the bag is therefore "pushed" out of the mount. The innovative motorcycle luggage mount was developed through close cooperation between Hepco Becker and Fidlock, and has led to a customized result which has revolutionized all of the previous solutions on the market.

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