Pannier buckle for Mainstream-MSX






Fastener: SNAP S screw low male + female
Application: Waterproof handlebar bag
Manufacturer: MAINSTREAM-MSX
Product: CLS 55 MX

The Mainstream-MSX brand stands for products with performance – products that inspire and set new standards. The German manufacturer is a specialist in waterproof panniers and attaches great importance to sophisticated product design combined with functional components that are intelligent, innovative, and efficient – from high-tech materials to the magnetic pannier buckle from Fidlock.

Mainstream-MSX with SNAP performance

Mainstream-MSX offers the best example of design and functional components working together in harmony with the user-friendly CLS 55 MX handlebar bag (link to product on the Mainstream-MSX website). The latest pannier is extremely durable, dustproof, waterproof, and equipped with a range of pioneering features. Among these is the unmistakable pannier buckle with innovative MagnetConnectModule technology (MCM) and mechanical safety features. Developed by Mainstream-MSX together with Fidlock and based on the SNAP male S screw low & SNAP female S screw low, it gives the handlebar bag a superior functionality.

Pannier buckle with integrated design

The pannier buckle from Fidlock gives the CLS 55 MX a magnetic-mechanical locking mechanism with a high closing force and reliable hold. Here the SNAP buckles show off their strengths, such as automatic closing, stable locking, high security, and ease of use. The "magnet module" design is also an excellent match for the HYBRID module frame construction of Mainstream-MSX, without any compromises in terms of functionality or security.

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