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The Fidlock concept

Based on a globally unique technology, Fidlock offers innovative, user-friendly fastener systems that revolutionise the market and its conventional solutions. The Fidlock concept combines the advantages of a magnetic fastener with those of mechanical locking functionality.

The patented fastener technology offers a number of advantages: it enables virtually automatic closing and allows the fasteners to be opened in a user-friendly manner with just one hand – even when wearing gloves. The fasteners are also highly reliable, robust and secure.

This is made possible by the use of slidable neodymium magnets combined with stable mechanical locking. The result is an important feature of Fidlock fasteners: two different procedures are used to open and close the fastener.

When the fastener is closed, the magnets move towards each other due to magnetic pull and, once they connect, the magnets are automatically securely locked together by the mechanical locking functionality. When the fastener is opened, the polarity of the magnets is reversed by sliding them apart, for example by turning the fastener. This means that the magnets repel each other, supporting the opening procedure.

Magnetic mechanical connection

Attraction and locking

Reversing the polarity of the magnets