MINI TURN rotary fasteners combine the same performance features as the BIG TURN product family - just in a significantly more compact and lighter design: they close automatically and can be opened with a simple half turn. The different variants and materials of the handle offer product designers great flexibility.

MINI TURN fasteners offer product designers a high level of flexibility in their designs: they are available in a wide range of colours and can be fitted with individual branding. Furthermore, customised handles can also be developed on request. Thanks to the simple processing options available, fitting them to products is no problem at all.

You will find further product and design varieties on the following pages dealing with the MINI TURN product family. You can also have a look at individual examples on the  MINI TURN "Customized" page.

fasteners for bags

  • bag fasteners at Norco bicycle bag

  • bag fasteners at waterproof bicycle bag

  • MINI TURN bag fasteners at the Winter Adventure bag

  • bag fasteners at Sammies by Samsonite

  • Sammies schoolbag

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