Presenting the TroX rain cover for rental bikes featuring FIDLOCK SNAP magnetic fasteners
Staying dry on rental bikes

Drachenhaut: TroX rain cover for bicycles featuring a SNAP fastening system by FIDLOCK

Specially designed for rental bikes, the TroX rain cover keeps the saddle, the luggage rack and your legs dry and demonstrates the diverse possibilities of applying FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners. TroX is a product of cooperation between the municipal services of Constance and the company Drachenhaut. The goal is to create rental bikes that are a popular and environmentally friendly alternative to cars, even on rainy days. Therefore, TroX boasts many flexible, reliable and convenient features, allowing users to gear up within 5 seconds. TroX is fixed to the bikes, always ready to use and fits everyone thanks to the sizeless belt. With robust and waterproof material and flexible use possibilities, your luggage or legs stay dry during the ride in any outfit. The FIDLOCK components come into play on the belt, used for intuitive handling and the so-called fall-opening-mechanism.

Close-up of the SNAP componenets located on the rain cover and belt

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FIDLOCK on the belt: Intuitive opening and closing, even behind the back

The sizeless belt of the Drachenhaut TroX rain cover for rental bikes features multiple SNAP fastening components. The SNAPs were carefully selected and placed, creating different functions. The belt comprises two halves that feature a SNAP male M screw and a SNAP female M screw each. Additionally, the same components are located on the rain cover itself. The belt is easily put on and closed with the automatic closure of the SNAPs – even behind the back. The FIDLOCK concept allows users to simply bring the ends of the belt halves together behind their back. They will then snap together and lock into place automatically.

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The second function is created by the attachment of the belt to the rain cover. Drachenhaut meticulously planned the placement of the SNAP components, orienting the opening direction on the rain cover to create a fall-opening-mechanism. If the rain cover suddenly is pulled, as is the case when falling from the bike, the SNAP fasteners will release automatically. As a result, the belt automatically separates from the rain cover.

Demonstration of fall-opening-mechanism with SNAPs

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!

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