HERMETIC dry bags as customizable OEM products

Thanks to the patented Gooper® technology, our dry bags are becoming more and more popular by giving customers an innovative product with must-have-potential. Whether you are a beachboy or girl, a bike or backpacker, smartphone junkie or outdoor activist – the automatic, hermetic closing system of the bag allows you to keep all things safe that are important to you. The HERMETIC dry bags won't even stay open accidentally: "just let go!"
With the transparent high-tech material, your smartphone is still accessible inside the bag. The three magnetic rows close securely, even at a water depth of up to 30m. Our HERMETIC dry bags are available in 5 different sizes.

Example of the dry bag mini in transparent colour floating in water

dry bag mini: XS-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
The small, transparent bag was designed for the small but important things in life, such as keys: safe and secure against water and dust. An additional band allows for the mini dry bag to be toted anywhere you go. The closing mechanism works the same as all the HERMETIC dry bags, fully automated, just let go and you‘re done.

Example of the dry bag medi in transparent and blue floating in water

dry bag medi: S-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
The HERMETIC dry bag medi is the perfect size for a smartphone. Mobile junkies will love it: thanks to the touch-capable material you can always stay online. Of course, it’s not just for smartphone junkies, this size is also perfect for keeping travel documents, credit cards and any other documentation safe. The included band turns this dry bag into a chest pouch. When you are having fun at the beach you can always be assured that this pouch will keep all things safe from water and dust.

Example of the dry bag maxi in transparent and orange floating in water

dry bag maxi: M-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
Maximum protection against dirt and moisture, thanks to Gooper® technology: The dry bag maxi is the perfect size if you are out and about with a few more items than planned. Even maps can be stored easily in your bag during a hike – of course, so can more high-tech GPS equipment. The patented, magnetic closure system snaps shut as on all the dry bags – just let go!

Example of the dry bag multi in transparent and blue floating in water

dry bag multi: L-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
Whatever small getaway you may be planning, this purse-sized HERMETIC dry bag multi has the perfect size. Through its large opening, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Should the weather turn bad you can be assured that your valuables with the safe and dry, thanks to the secure, hermetic and magnetic closure system. The material is available in many colour and fabric styles which can give your dry bag your own unique look.

Example of the dry bag mega in transparent and black floating in water

dry bag mega: XL-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
Size does matter: This is the motto of the dry bag mega. This size is perfect for storing tablets that you also need to use while on the go; the touch compatible material makes sure of this. This XL protector can be kept safely in a bag or be a bag itself. Should everything else get soaked while out and about, you can rest assured that anything you stored in your dry bag will be safe and dry.

Of course, you can order customized versions of our HERMETIC dry bags as OEM products. Here, you can download our files to the possibilities for individual designs, matching your brand:

Download logo placement dry bag mini

Download logo placement dry bag medi

Download logo placement dry bag maxi

Download logo placement dry bag multi

Download logo placement dry bag mega

Download custom HERMETIC lanyards

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