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Bulky bottle cages or clunky cell phone holders? No thanks!
TWIST and VACUUM offer innovative components for the implementation on the bike frame and ahead cap that can be used for diverse applications. If in the city or on the trail - customers buy bikes that fit them and their needs. With additional accessories, they can go even further and prepare themselves for all everyday situations. Increase your revenue by exciting users with a unique mounting system for bags, bottles, locks, phones, range extender and more!

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  • Inconspicuous integration on the bike frame

  • Clean and compact design

  • Cageless and secure mounting

  • Intuitive handling for users

  • Modular concepts for a wide range of applications

  • Mag(net)ic – innovative and fun technology that amazes customers

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The FIDLOCK ready family! 

We are proud to present our partners:

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Lombardo Bike with FIDLOCK bike base

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Lombardo bikes

Lombardo was founded in the 1950s and is based in Sicily, Italy. 
Gaspare Lombardo built his first bicycle with production scraps from his father's workshop and reusing war materials.
They provide bikes for different kinds of usages like Downhill, Cross Country, City Trekking, Mountain Biking or Kids. 
And a lot of them are already FIDLOCK ready and fittet with a TWIST bottle base! 

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M1 Sporttechnik

As a bike manufacturer founded in 1990, they specialize in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of the highest quality carbon e-bikes. 
The advantages speak for themselves: Carbon is lighter than aluminum. Additionally, carbon allows for the reconciliation of even the most contradictory properties: stiffness and flexibility, lightweight construction, and safety. 
Some M1 bikes are also FIDLOCK ready, equipped with the TWIST bike base to provide our bottles with the perfect grip on the bike. Furthermore, M1 utilizes another FIDLOCK closure below the bottle: the PINCLIP M integrated vertical, which allows for easy, one-handed opening of the battery cover.

Bike Frame with FIDLOCK bottle
Mondraker Bike with FIDLOCK bike bake

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Mondraker was founded in 2001 and focuses on the design and production of high-performance mountain bikes. 
The company, originating from the cycling nation of Spain, has made it its mission to enrich the world with mountain bikes! 
It's worth noting: only with mountain bikes - making Mondraker an exception, as most manufacturers offer bicycles for all purposes. 
And since functionality is particularly important here, some Mondraker bikes are also equipped with the TWIST bike base.

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Mégamo in its beginnings or Megamo nowadays, began its steps in 1987, establishing its base in Girona.
It soon began to be known thanks to its successes in the competitions of biketrial and BTT of the highest level in the years '90, becoming the reference brand and precursor of the MTB in Europe.
Quality, design and technological innovation at highly competitive prices has been the premise of Megamo since its inception until today.
Megamo offers some of their bikes already equipped with the TWIST bike base to ensure a secure hold for your bottles. 

FIDLOCK bike bake on a bike frame

Merida Text


Merida has been developing mountain bikes, e-bikes, cross bikes, trekking bikes, and race bikes in Germany for half a century.
The bikes are handmade in Taiwan. Safety is a top priority at MERIDA.
Through rigorous testing, it is ensured that the bikes can handle the most demanding trails, the steepest climbs, the heaviest loads, or everyday use optimally. In addition to the standard TWIST bike base, MERIDA also incorporates the TWIST bike base integrated into their bikes, which is embedded in the frame, thus seamlessly integrating with it.

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CrossWorx Bikes

Born out of a love for mountain biking and the aim to create products that are fun and push personal limits, CrossworxCycles GmbH was founded in 2019. With extensive experience in redesign and model development, the founders simply wanted to carve their own path and bring their visions of bicycles to life. CrossWorx offers handcrafted bikes with aluminum frames for trail, enduro, and downhill riding from the green heart of Germany. They place special emphasis on geometries and riding characteristics.

Crossworx Bike with TWIST bike base and bottle
TWIST Grafik


The TWIST base is a small component that offers customers a wide range of options with just one interface and thanks to its modular design. The small TWIST bike base impresses with its minimalist design. The base is simply attached to the threaded bushings on the bicycle frame. The VACUUM base is equally inspiring: to offer the customer a further benefit, a pre-installed VACUUM ahead cap is an ingenious additional feature that allows the customer to quickly and easily retrofit his bike with a VACUUM base.


Discover more incredibly user-friendly and innovative locking and fastening solutions. This catalogue contains all our OEM components for bicycles and bicycle-related products based on our innovative technologies.


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