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HERMETIC sew-in pocket

These ingenious pockets allow you to equip diverse products with the hermetically self-sealing features of the HERMETIC dry bag closure. There are many customers – no matter whether surfers or nature photographers – that would know many ways to use a water- and dirtproof pocket on their shorts or camera bag. Thanks to the qualities of the Gooper® technology, the HERMETIC sew-in pockets even meet the IPX 8 standard – waterproof in depths of up to 30 meters and keeping what is dear to you dry!

HERMETIC sew-in pocket versions

We are aware of the requirements for different products. Therefore, we offer a right-sided and left-sided HERMETIC sew-in pocket, for the ideal fit and orientation of the opening. Additionally, these innovative pockets can be sewn into almost any material!

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Fitting variations

Each version of our sew-in pocket is available in three different variations. Each offers sewable features, but differing sewing strips for e.g. visible or concealed fitting. This only concerns the attachment of the pockets, not the functionality of the HERMETIC components.

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sew-in pocket deatached bar

HERMETIC sew-in pocket detached bar

The sewing strips are located around the bag only, allowing the magnetic bar to remain disconnected from the fabric.

+ visible and concealed fitting possible
+ “regular” fabric pocket remains usable, in addition to the HERMETIC pocket

sew-in pocket exposed bar

HERMETIC sew-in pocket exposed bar

Here, the magnetic bar is fixed in place and will remain visible on your product.

+ add-on with a unique look for your overall design
+ no unwanted fabric pockets in front or behind the HERMETIC pocket

sew-in pocket fabric flap

HERMETIC sew-in pocket fabric flap

This version allows the fabric to be sewn onto the first two strips of the HERMETIC closure, allowing a fabric flap to cover the bar.

+ extremely user-friendly – larger fabric flap additionally facilitates opening
+ concealed fitting with no unwanted fabric pockets for an ideal design integration

O'Neill with HERMETIC sew-in pocket

Ready for the waves with O’Neill – HERMETIC dry bag & sew-in pocket 

Due to the patented Gooper technology, the pocket of the fashionable Wp-Pocket Swim Shorts of the O’Neill Blue Collection keeps your valuables dry while you hit the water. On top of that, the “Just-let-go” automatic seal prevents false closing and will reliably snap shut even in anticipation of the perfect wave.

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swim shorts with sew-in pocket