Are the buckles produced in Germany?


No. Our magnetic fasteners are engineered in Germany but produced in China for different reasons, such as keeping the transport route shorter.


Are FIDLOCK buckles sustainable/recyclable?


Our products can't be recycled. However, the longevity of our magnetic fasteners assures that they will last at least as long as the customer wants to use the product (e.g. a school bag). Additionally, we constantly review new sustainable production possibilities.


Can a person with a defibrillator or pacemaker use a magnetic fastener?


Treating doctors of patients with pacemakers or defibrillators usually inform them about the effects magnetic fields can have on such devices, and that minimum distances are required to many objects. Therefore, we advise against the use of magnetic fasteners by carriers of corresponding devices.


Are FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners heatproof?


Temperatures starting from 80°C can weaken the magnetic force of the magnets. However, our fasteners cover the magnets in plastic, allowing very short exposure to higher temperatures in some cases.


How long do the magnets in FIDLOCK fasteners last?


As long as the magnetic field is not interfered with, the magnets have an infinite life span. For our fasteners, we use neodymium magnets with high coercive field strength, making them highly resistible against demagnetization through other magnetic forces. However, the magnetic attraction can be diminished through exterior influences such as temperatures of 80 degrees Celcius and higher. Since our magnets are covered by plastics with higher heat-resistance, our fasteners can be exposed to higher temperatures for very short periods, when the temperature of the magnet doesn't exceed 80 °C.


Are FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners resistant against UV light and salt water?


We seal our magnets with zinc and normally use stainless steel for our fasteners, offering a certain degree of protection against corrosion. This protection must withstand a 48 h saltwater spraying test. However, natural conditions for certain products, e. g. water sports products, can't be simulated by the test. Saltwater is particularly aggressive and can lead to corrosion in the continuous use of a fastening component.
Since the black colour of our fasteners partially absorbs UV-light, it usually doesn't affect them under normal circumstances. However, extreme conditions can lead to changes in colour or brittleness. This also includes fasteners with other colours of our in-house colour program which we enforce with UV-powder.
However, we can not guarantee UV-resistance for other individual colours.


Can I upgrade my helmet with a FIDLOCK helmet buckle?


No. Your helmet is a safety item and should not be modified. Helmet manufacturers and brands design their products to keep you safe. Helmets are tested and certified as an entire product. The buckle is a component and part of this entire product. Changing just the buckle alters the helmet resulting in a loss of certification. We therefore sell the buckle only to helmet brands, helmet manufacturing companies and factories.


What Pantone guide does FIDLOCK use?


We use the Pantone guide for coated colours for our standard options of the FIDLOCk colour program. Possibilities for other colour variations can be requested.


What does a customized solution cost?


The price of customized solutions varies according to the project in question. Factors such as materials and the required workload for our development team have to be considered. Please contact our sales team at info@fidlock.com for further information. info@fidlock.com for further information.


How does FIDLOCK handle confidentiality?


Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Therefore, we work with an NDA solution: NDAs are designed to protect important information, such as unpublished designs of customers, CAD files or licenses, project ideas for our customers, etc. In the event data is exchanged, e.g. in the case of a project for a customized solution, NDAs are used and bind us and our partners to confidentiality. In some cases, where only FIDLOCK shares confidential information, a one-sided NDA can also be used. This way we can make sure that you can trust us with your information and in return, we know that our intellectual property is in good hands.


What materials are used for FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners?


The main components of our fasteners are usually made from different plastics:

•    PA6
•    PA6GFCF30
•    PA6GFCF40
•    PA66GF15
•    PA66GF30
•    PA66GF40
•    ABS
•    TPU (685A)

You can find further used materials in the product details of each fastener.


How does dirt effect FIDLOCK closures?


Different product families react differently to dirt:
- MINI TURN and the SNAP FEMALE parts are the most sensitive to dirt because they feature a spring-loaded part which is caught in a housing. Dirt can lead to failure of the clip in. However, cleaning the components with (mildly soapy) water will usually restore their functionality.
- Other fasteners have an open or partially open design, allowing them to be easily cleaned with water or mild soapsuds.


Are FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners washable?


Washing our catalogue products in household washing machines and dryers is possible. Neither the mechanical function nor the magnetic force is affected.
Drying in industrial dryers above 100°C is excluded.

Where can I find additional information about the Minimum Order Quantity and delivery?


Please view the following chart for information about our Minimum Order Quantity and delivery:

Sampling costs of approval samples
Colour printed sample → $150 per sample order (5 pieces)
Coloured articles → $150 per sample order (5 pieces)

standard articles → 100 pieces per article
printed articles → 1.000 pieces per article
coloured articles → 5.000 pieces for all colours except for white, 10.000 pieces for white
Metal articles → MOQ on request

Terms of payment → cash in advance
Terms of delivery → FCA, warehouse Hong Kong (bulk orders) / FCA, warehouse Hannover (small orders/sample orders)

Lead time → Standard catalogue articles 4-6 weeks, customized articles 6-8 weeks

You can find detailed information in our terms and conditions on our website.


What certifications do FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners have?


Our production partner fulfils the standards of DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. Additionally, our customers successfully use our fasteners on products, meeting the standards of many certificates. The required testing was executed by our customers. Most industry standards regard the final and complete product. This is why certification is done by our customers.


What patents does FIDLOCK own and in which countries?


FIDLOCK owns diverse patents on an international base. The European patents are often nationalized in many other European countries, except for Germany. Additionally, FIDLOCK owns many patens in further countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and others. You can find the national and international patent numbers on the respective product pages of our website or the matching hangtags. On FIDLOCK products you will find the marking "FIDLOCK PATENTED".



Are there restrictions for the shipping of magnets?


Yes, the IATA 902 requires that the compass of a plane is not affected. We aren't aware of problems occurring for products featuring a magnetic fastener, such as bags. To fulfil the IATA 902 requirements, we shield the boxes with metal plates when FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners are shipped by air.