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About FIDLOCK: home of the innovative magnetic fasteners with a mechanical lock

Driven by the Moment
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Opening and closing a fastener – a short and ordinary moment that most of us encounter many times every day. Why not take this moment and create something special from it? That is what drives us at FIDLOCK – opening and closing as a unique moment, supporting adults and children in daily routines with an exciting connection of function & fun. This is expressed by the intuitive handling and comfort of our magnetic fasteners which we base on our one-of-a-kind recipe for success: The FIDLOCK concept.

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The story of the FIDLOCK premium magnetic fasteners began with an inventive musician – our creative founder and former professional cellist, Joachim Fiedler. During his career as a musician, he was frequently bothered by the unpractical handling of his bow holder. After sitting down with his Cello, he was too often stressed by the struggle of reaching his bow: Handling the bow holder with only one hand took quite long and it is needless to say that he did not want to let go of his cello with the other hand. A better solution was required. His inventive genius, which already showed itself on childhood sketches of crazy machines, didn't let go of the idea to innovate the bow holder. Why? Because he wanted to make it as easy as possible for the user, letting him focus on what really matters, in this case, the music. Therefore, he already focused on intuitiveness and comfort – features which can support not only cello players in their daily routine and rekindled the pioneering spirit of Joachim Fiedler.

Our founder riding his bike to cello practice
Portrait Joachim Fiedler

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Our founder quickly recognized that quick and secure fastening with intuitive handling facilitates daily routines for many people in diverse situations, even with an extra fun factor. Small child hands enjoy a fastener which they can open and close with ease as well – driven by the pioneering spirit, the first idea for a school bag fastener was born. Thanks to the special haptics of our fasteners, it did not take long for new ideas to emerge, e.g. for users that frequently wear gloves or areas which don’t always allow a direct view of the fastener. Today, we support children and adults, athletes, and industries with a large variety of buckles and fasteners that turn the moment of opening and closing them into a positive experience – based on our patented, magnetic-mechanical FIDLOCK-concept.

Schon beim Bogenhalter...

Magnets and reversed polarities already greatly influenced the development of the bow holder. They do not only facilitate the handling but also add fun to the process. Today, our innovative fasteners which are created by our creative developers are still based on that initial idea. Combined with a mechanical lock, we create a fastening mechanism with unique functionality, supporting customers with intuitive and secure features. We are confronted with the moment of opening and closing a fastener countless times – and it often makes up the first touchpoint with a product. A FIDLOCK fastener turns it into a special experience with a wow factor.

Der Bogenhalter im Chello-Kasten
Der Prototyp des Bogehlaters von Joachim Fielder

                      Find out more about the first idea and the story behind FIDLOCK in an interview with Joachim!

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Von der Innovation zum Unternehmen

From innovation to company

Joachim Fiedler founded FIDLOCK in 2007. This was quickly followed by the first FIDLOCK fastener for a school bag in the same year. It did not take long for further product families to emerge, starting with the MINI TURN only months later. Driven by the same pioneering spirit, our creative development team continuously created unique ways to use the advantages of the FIDLOCK concept and designed product families for different applications, such as our well-known SNAP helmet buckles. They won’t pinch your skin and can be operated with a single hand, even when wearing gloves. Only 4 years after FIDLOCK was founded, we reached the mark of one million sold magnetic fasteners and buckles. This verified our trust in creative ideas and our innovative and patented concept.

TWIST holder with new FIDLOCK 590 bottle attached

Fidlock Bike

The revolution on the bike frame

Of course, we did not stop there. Thanks to our magnetic helmet buckles, we were already familiar with the bike industry which gave us the first ideas to adapt the concept for consumer-ready products. This resulted in a small revolution, freeing the bottle from the cage with TWIST, followed by the start of our in-house brand FIDLOCK BIKE in 2016.



108 brilliant minds, more than 400 patents, tons of ideas & unlimited passion for the moment - that's FIDLOCK today!

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daily grind at FIDLOCK - coworkers passing by
FIDLOCK Patente Grafik

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Patented success for many industries

Today, we are the proud owners of more than 300 patents in over 65 patent families, spread around more than 25 countries. Our range of magnetic fasteners has grown extensively and is ideal for different application areas, ranging from sports to outdoors, apparel and even products for children. Additionally, our team now counts more than 90 employees in our headquarters in Hanover and 60 distribution partners in 40 countries around the world – always motivated to find the ideal magnetic fastening solution for your products!

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Increase the attraction of your products – with the magnetic-mechanical FIDLOCK concept

We remember products positively if they are made up of special components that make them stand out from the rest. Even something as inconspicuous as the moment of opening and closing a fastener can influence, whether we decide to take or leave them. On many products, the fastener is even the first thing to be used. With a FIDLOCK magnetic buckle, your customers will be amazed by attractive features:

Helmet buckle as demonstration of FIDLOCK concept

How the FIDLOCK concept works

Magnets guide the fastening components, enabling a virtually automatic closure which snaps into the correct position. There, they lock mechanically, creating a secure engagement. Additionally, the FIDLOCK concept uses magnetic force to facilitate a quick release. When opening our magnetic fasteners, the polarity of the magnets is reversed by the movement and the fastening components repel each other. As a result, our FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners stand out with unique features:

intuitive handling & comfort

reliable fastening

easy one-handed opening by e.g. tilting, rotating or sliding – even with gloves

a unique combination of function & fun


FIDLOCK – magnetizing expertise for users and partners

Our focus lies on the moment of opening and closing – be it of components for bags, helmets, footwear, or many other products. However, the combination of magnetic force and the mechanical lock is adaptable in many ways, as we already have shown with our in-house retail products by FIDLOCK BIKE. Therefore, we are happy to offer our magnetic expertise for unique applications in partnerships. Be it a customized buckle or a uniquely developed fastening solution - it always includes our fun and functional FIDLOCK concept.


Customization possibilities


We are proud to look back on more than ten years of experience in the fastening business. Our customers from different industries have already proven in many ways, that the application possibilities for FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners are endless. Athletes, industries, adults, and children have already enjoyed moments of carelessness, created by the unique ease of use and reliability of the FIDLOCK concept. The following are only some references of partners who have already shared this special moment of using a FIDLOCK magnetic fastener with their customers:

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If you would like to find out more about companies and applications using FIDLOCK fasteners, you can visit our applications page for more and detailed examples!


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FIDLOCK's vision not only includes the development of innovative and high-quality fastening solutions, but also an understanding of our social and environmental responsibility towards our customers and suppliers. Therefore, we have established a Code of Conduct to clarify our position for our suppliers and our own employees.  


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