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Ingenious fasteners for your workwear

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Innovative solutions
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Workwear plays a crucial role in many occupational fields and offers numerous benefits and functions that go beyond the mere fashion aspect. From traditional trades to high-tech industries and medical specialties, the right workwear is an indispensable part of the working environment. Not only does it protect the wearer, but it also performs a number of important functions to make work processes more efficient and safer.

wasserdichte Tasche in Jacke eingenäht

Workwear with magnetic-mechanical closures is revolutionising the way we wear and operate our workwear. These innovative fastening systems not only offer intuitive operation, but also increase comfort and functionality in everyday work.

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Belt buckles

Easy to open and close, even with one hand. Strap widths from 15-40 mm available.

Dungarees fastenings

Great functionality that makes everyday work easier.

Closures for jackets and shirt pockets

Quick and easy access to everything on your arm - in a securely locked compartment.

Attachments for hearing protection

Especially when the work situation changes several times a day, reliability and absolute functionality are required.

Attachments for safety goggles

Safety first - but with comfort and a dash of magic.

Helmet fasteners

More than 25 million bicycle and safety helmets rely on FIDLOCK's magnetic-mechanical helmet fasteners, offering easy and super-fast one-handed operation with or without a glove.

Transparent breast pockets with touchscreen functionality

Important parts such as smartphones are 100% water and dust protected and can be operated through the foil.

Magnet-mechanical fasteners for tool belts

The tools can be quickly accessed individually, but the entire belt can also be quickly clicked on and off.

Waterproof pockets

100% tight, 100% practical. The HERMETIC bags can be sewn in or shrink-wrapped, for example.

Compressing sleeves and collar

A quick click or one or two turns and garment openings are close to the body - e.g. fully integrated in a sewn tunnel or placed on top of the material.

Glove attachments

Create practical connections with magnetic-mechanical fasteners: e.g. for gloves on jackets or trousers.

Waterproof leg pockets

Important documents, sensitive devices - these things find a water- and dust-protected place in an integrable HERMETIC dry bag.

Holders for modular tool bags

Tools at hand super fast, just as fast back on the belt. And 100% intuitive thanks to mag(net)ic closure technology.

Compression of the trouser leg cuffs

Nothing gets in there: In no time at all, even the last slits in textiles are sealed.

Shoe fasteners

Especially in the shoe sector, completely new concepts can be developed with FIDLOCK fasteners. This turns footwear into an innovative product!

Connection of trousers and shoe

When trousers and shoes are to form a unit in everyday working life, FIDLOCK fasteners are the connecting element.

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Limitless areas of application with mag(net)ism effect

Helmet fasteners can be operated intuitively with one hand and, if necessary, easily with gloves. Safety features such as ONE hearing protection or protective visors are attached to the helmet with a click. Smartphones or other devices can be stored in integrated, waterproof pockets and remain operable thanks to the transparent material. Tools find their place in or on the belt almost by themselves and the shoes are closed faster than you can say laces.

Do you have ideas on how to add the perfect click to your products with our closures? Then get in touch directly or conveniently order fasteners to try out via our online sample service: simply select the product and place it in the shopping basket.

Schließen eines Brustgurts an einem Klettergeschirr

Quick and easy operation
With FIDLOCK fasteners, garments can be opened and closed quickly and easily. This is particularly useful in work situations where swift action is required.

Werkzeuggürtel wird mit FIDLOCK-Verschluss geschlossen

Robust and reliable
Our components have been developed to function reliably even under the toughest conditions. The magnetic closures are robust and can withstand heavy loads.

Ein Sicherheitshelm wird mit einem FIDLOCK-Verschluss geschlossen

Magnetic-mechanical closures provide an extra layer of safety as they cannot be opened accidentally. This is particularly important in working environments where there are safety risks.

Ein Schuh wird durch einen WINCH-Verschluss geschlossen

FIDLOCK offers a modern and appealing solution for fasteners in the workwear segment. The innovative design is unique and different from conventional closures.

Eine Tasche an einem hosenbein wird geöffnet

Our fasteners can be used in various workwear applications. The systematic range allows different sizes and shapes to be adapted.

Befestigung einer Kleberolle und einer Trinkflasche an einem Rucksack

Ingeniously solution-oriented
When important materials need to be at hand quickly, we are happy to help with mag(net)ic ideas. No matter whether the glue roll should have its fixed place or simply the drinking bottle should be within direct reach.

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Opening and closing a lock - a brief and ordinary moment that most people find themselves in several times a day. Why not take this moment and make something special out of it? That's what drives us at FIDLOCK - opening and closing as a unique moment that offers mag(net)ic and useful added value for your customers in everyday situations.

FIDLOCK-Verschlüsse als Composing in vielen Varianten

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