HERMETIC magnetic bar

Are you a product designer working on an innovative bag searching for water- and dustproof, self-sealing bag closures? Then the HERMETIC magnetic bar is a great choice. With this OEM fastening component, you can design bags featuring the innovative “just let go” closing mechanism of the HERMETIC products. This component is ideal for bags for the outdoor sector, e.g. by replacing bulky roll-top closures. Our portfolio includes HERMETIC magnetic bars with black and transparent sewing/welding strips in 4 different lengths.

HERMETIC magnetic bar in transparent and with a 156 mm length

HERMETIC magnetic bar 156 mm
transparent welding strip

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Product shot of the HERMETIC magnetic bar v-shape in black

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Magnetic bar v-shape

Similar to our standard magnetic bars, the v-shape bar allows you to transfer the patented technology of the hermetically self-sealing HERMETIC dry bags to other bag formats. However, the magnetic bar v-shape stands out with an extra-large opening. This makes it ideal for waterproof backpacks or large dry bags that need to fit and protect more than a few essentials. Replace bulky roll-top closures with an intuitive and quick alternative that can be welded to PU or PU-coated materials. 

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Examplary image of the closed v-shape closure on a dry bag
Examplary image of the halfway opened v-shape closure on a dry bag
Examplary image of the open v-shape closure on a dry bag

Easy integration into your product and design

Due to the generous sewing/welding strips, the HERMETIC magnetic bars allow quick and easy fitting. Of course, customization is available. You can integrate the magnetic bar into your product's design – by requesting different lengths or colours for the bars. Please feel free to contact us for further information!

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