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FIDLOCK FW - innovating footwear with magnetic fasteners and buckles for shoes

In the footwear and fashion business, creativity and courage in design have a very special meaning which influences the requirements for their components, such as fasteners and buckles. We know that these are best met by like-minded developers, familiar with the importance of the smallest details in the industry.  Therefore, we are proud to have our very own footwear focused team FIDLOCK FW ! Their work revolves around the shoe and adapting our patented FIDLOCK concept for innovative fastening options. The result? Specially designed magnetic fasteners with innovative advantages and creative applications of other FIDLOCK buckles on footwear - revolutionizing common options for shoe design!

Boots with corset fastening concept
Footwear concept featuring our FIDLOCK tanka fastener
Footwear concept for hidden lacing with FIDLOCK WINCH
Fastening concept for footwear cover
Fastening concept on footwear for a flap
Fastening concept for shoe laces without tying
Fastening concept for footwear with a redirected strap
Fastening concept with FIDLOCK buckles for sandals
Fastening concept for the storage of footwear
Footwear fastening concept for tarp covering
Fastening concept for shoes with WINCH lacing - no tying required


Curious? Download the concept collection of our Footwear Team here!

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Here you will find an overview of our footwear fasteners:

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Unique advantages for Footwear: Function & Fun

Shoes can greatly benefit from the innovative functionality of our patented FIDLOCK concept. The unique combination of a mechanical lock and magnetic force creates reliable and secure features, including great ease of use. Therefore, our company’s mission is perfectly in line with the importance of the smallest details on products. Our fasteners take even the short moment of fastening a shoe and turn it into something exciting for your customers:

The magnetic force guides the fastening components into the correct position when you close them. Therefore, our footwear fasteners feature a virtually automatic closure. This is not only fun to experience but allows a quick, reliable and easy fastening of a shoe – even in a hurry. On top of that, the use of our footwear fasteners is facilitated by easy opening with simple motions, such as turning, pulling or tilting. Take the comfort of your shoe to the next level with FIDLOCK FW!

Jack Wolfskin Schuh HOOK Tanka Detailansicht
Endless possibilities for shoe design – be it extravagant or discreet

Footwear and fashion designers prove on a daily base that their products are more than essentials, limited to functionality. We constantly need shoes and clothes – so why not make them something you love to wear? To a canvas that represents our inner colours? We set no boundaries for the creativity of product designers, ranging from cool sneakers to elegant footwear!

We offer options that blend in almost invisibly into your shoe. On the other hand, many of our magnetic fasteners, e.g. the V-BUCKLE, can represent an eyecatcher on extravagant and modern designs. On top of that, you can individually adapt our magnetic fasteners. Options range from branding with your logo to individual colours and designs to match the overall picture and colourway of your products – visit our customization page for more info!

Footwear dedicated fasteners

Thanks to the hard work of the creative minds in our footwear team, we already offer an innovative portfolio of fasteners, specially adapted for footwear. This includes features such as the fitting options, special compatibility with exterior influences like dirt or the usability for different shoe sizes. Of course, the footwear fasteners also offer great possibilities for applications on other products, such as apparel. Tried-and-tested FIDLOCK technologies served as the base of the footwear dedicated STRIPE FW and HOOK FW fasteners: 

Stripe FW DR 20 perspective view


STRIPE FW SB 20 perspective view
HOOK 15 FW sewable perspective view

HOOK FW sewable

HOOK tanka swable X3 perspective view

HOOK tanka



WINCH Verschluss auf technischen Zeichnungen
WINCH. No limits. Only possibilities.

WINCH – diverse applications in all areas

Of course, fasteners that were initially coming from an idea to revolutionize footwear fastening are ideal for the application on products of other industries. Prime examples are our WINCH fasteners, based on a new FIDLOCK technology which adds the functionality of a ratchet to the unique FIDLOCK concept. You can find more information about the applications and possibilities on our page dedicated to the WINCH momentum and WINCH elegance.


WINCH in detail


Other FIDLOCK fasteners shoes without tying

Even when designed with a certain purpose in mind, most of our magnetic fasteners are ideal for applications on different products of diverse industries. For many, this includes the inventive and creative use on footwear, relieving wearers of annoying and time-consuming tying. All it takes to fasten a shoe with FIDLOCK is a moment and you are ready to run!

Since the HOOK technology already proved to be ideal for the adaption onto footwear, it doesn’t come as a surprise that other HOOK fasteners meet the requirements for footwear applications. For example, the HOOK 25 plastic can serve as a quick-release buckle for functional footwear.

On top of that, fasteners you might not suspect are great for footwear applications as well. On the one hand, fasteners intended for apparel, such as the HOOK 20 rope sewable X3, often already include adjustment and suitable fitting options for footwear. On the other hand, buckles such as the SLIDER 40 or V-BUCKLE 25 that might seem too bulky or large offer creative options for inventive and crazy shoe designs that boast user-friendliness, including possibilities for eye-catching logos on the fastener! How about a maximalist shoe which follows the design trend even with its buckle?

SLIDER 40 - weiß
V-Buckle back flap
HOOK Tanka Verschluss an Schuh
V-Buckle back flap

Team FW: Out of the box & into the shoe

As mentioned, product design in the industries footwear and fashion is a unique field. Components need to feature required aspects in their functionality whilst offering room for creative and out of the box designs. Fortunately, we have footwear and sneaker enthusiasts on board who are more than ready to tackle the business for unique kicks - be it high-top sneaker, stylish sandal, shoes for workwear and many more. In only a few years, the motivated team of FIDLOCK FW and their innovations have become indispensable for our portfolio of magnetic fasteners:

The story of FIDLOCK FW

With the growing popularity of FIDLOCK, our magnetic fasteners and buckles appeared on products of more diverse industries. This included requests concerning footwear and it soon became apparent that the demand required a dedicated team – FIDLOCK FW was born.

Fortunately, our sales and development departments already offered great candidates and FIDLOCK FW was brought to life in 2018. Highly motivated, they started getting more familiar with unique characteristics of the footwear industry, such as typical cycles and fitting options, and internally established the team and its responsibilities. Already in the same year, FIDLOCK FW could present own developments for footwear at the NW Materials Show 2018.

The first footwear fasteners by FIDLOCK are based on the technologies of the STRIPE and HOOK product families. Different requirements had to be taken into consideration, such as special fitting options by e.g. sewing, ergonomic aspects, cleaning options or strain on the buckles. In the end, STRIPE offered great possibilities due to their initial purpose for apparel applications and HOOK stood out with ideal user comfort.

Of course, our team did not stop there and continuously works on completely new developments and options to adapt our fasteners for footwear. The HOOK tanka, for example, offers step-less adjustability and the WINCH is available as left-turning and right-turning versions. Stay tuned – there are many more exciting FIDLOCK FW fasteners and applications to come!

FIDLOCK Concept Sneaker perspective

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FIDLOCK Concept Sneaker

Our Footwear team goes beyond borders of prototyping and testing magnetic fasteners for shoes – and developed their own sneaker for a thorough understanding of our customers' needs!


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