V-BUCKLE Verschluss auf schwarzem Untergrund mit orangem Streifen

Product focus

V-BUCKLE: Intuitive fastener with a striking design

V-BUCKLE – a self-securing magnetic fastener with unique appearance & function for baby carriers, shoes, fashion and more!

Preview of a video about our V-BUCKLE

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Our FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE features a truly unique design, not only in its functionality but in its appearance as well. This opens up diverse application areas for products requiring a fastener with added security or a striking look. Based on our patented FIDLOCK concept, the V-BUCKLE is an intuitive and reliable fastener for products ranging from fashion and footwear to bags and baby carriers. Like all our products, the V-BUCKLE transforms magnetic force and secure locking, creating a fun moment of opening and closing that users will remember. Equip your product with an innovative and unique component and adapt your version to your style – choosing from many combinations and design possibilities of the fastener!

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Self-securing and intuitive functionality

Initially, the V-BUCKLE product family was designed as a fastening system for high forces and applications requiring added security, such as baby carriers. Therefore, a self-securing V-BUCKLE is harder to open the more load it is sustaining. However, the resulting design and functionality have turned out to suit diverse applications, serving as reliable magnetic buckles on backpacks, trendy sneaker fasteners and much more. Partially, this is due to the intuitive use and comfort of the V-BUCKLE closure system:

V-BUCKLE installed on a shoulder strap of a backpack
V-Buckle Verschluss Detailansicht

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To open the fastener, simply pull on the tap on the metal flap for a quick and easy release. As in all FIDLOCK fasteners, magnets guide the female (bottom) and male (top) parts, transforming the attractive force into an automatic closure. As a result, the fastening components simply need to be brought into the correct position, for the V-BUCKLE to snap shut - creating an intuitive and fun alternative to conventional fasteners.

Mix & Match – create your unique V-BUCKLE

A V-BUCKLE can be customized in many ways, additionally accounting for the versatile application areas. You can adapt the fastener to meet the requirements of your product or to create a unique eyecatcher with your individual branding:

•    Mix & match the female and male parts of the V-BUCKLE product family, ranging from options for 20-40mm wide straps
•    Metal flap available in different colours
•    Includes our customization options with individual colours & printed or lasered logos
•    Punched logos are possible as well, adding a high-quality and haptic branding

Mix&Match video - how to create your own V-BUCKLE

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With these possibilities, you can create your unique FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE.

How about an elegant but secure fastener for functional purposes? Or a fashionable piece that reminds your customers of your brand, each time they open and close it?

V-BUCKLE als spannende Option für die Modebranche

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Product range for fashionable & functional applications

The V-BUCKLE has proven to be a truly versatile fastener – be it in its functionality or design. On top of that, the construction of the buckle itself has created a high-class and modern look, already inspiring the use of the V-BUCKLE on products with creative designs.


Since the versatility of the V-BUCKLE offers advantages for so many different application areas, our product range offers different versions. You can choose from options for straps from 20-40mm width with features which are ideal for the application on footwear, apparel, gear for professionals, strap systems, bags and much more. The portfolio includes fasteners with e.g. a single bar, ladder lock, swivel mount and even easy retrofittable split bar options.


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