HERMETIC magnetic band as exaple for HERMETIC OEM components

HERMETIC OEM - waterproof and self-sealing bags and fasteners for your product

HERMETIC dry bag under water

Über die HERMETIC dry bags

The HERMETIC dry bags are a perfect addition to our portfolio of consumer products, with great characteristics for OEM utilization. Based on patented Gooper® technology, they are the first magnetic, hermetically self-sealing dry bags. Available in different sizes and featuring touch screen compatible foil, the applications are endless: from protecting your electronics and documents outdoors or in the kitchen to a phone cover, you can wash as easily as your hands – even with a smartphone in the HERMETIC dry bag!

■   Easy handling due to patented closure technology
■   Touch function is retained
■   Have regular calls through the foil
■   Waterproof up to 30 m
■   Automatically self-sealing
■   Delivery including neck strap

Additionally, other products can greatly benefit from the features of HERMETIC components, based on the patented Gooper® technology. Here at FIDLOCK, our goal lies in creating a small moment of joy when customers use a product - be it with a magnetic-mechanical fastener or a HERMETIC OEM component. Therefore, we are proud to offer an innovative HERMETIC OEM portfolio that creates an additional USP for your products.

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