HERMETIC magnetic band as exaple for HERMETIC OEM components

HERMETIC OEM - waterproof and self-sealing bags and fasteners for your product

HERMETIC dry bag under water

Über die HERMETIC dry bags

The HERMETIC dry bags are a perfect addition to our portfolio of consumer products, with great characteristics for OEM utilization. Based on patented Gooper® technology, they are the first magnetic, hermetically self-sealing dry bags. Available in different sizes and featuring touch screen compatible foil, the applications are endless: from protecting your electronics and documents outdoors or in the kitchen to a phone cover, you can wash as easily as your hands – even with a smartphone in the HERMETIC dry bag!

■   Easy handling due to patented closure technology
■   Touch function is retained
■   Have regular calls through the foil
■   Waterproof up to 30 m
■   Automatically self-sealing
■   Delivery including neck strap

Additionally, other products can greatly benefit from the features of HERMETIC components, based on the patented Gooper® technology. Here at FIDLOCK, our goal lies in creating a small moment of joy when customers use a product - be it with a magnetic-mechanical fastener or a HERMETIC OEM component. Therefore, we are proud to offer an innovative HERMETIC OEM portfolio that creates an additional USP for your products.

Learn more about our HERMETIC portfolio - clicking on the list below will lead you to information about the different components:

HERMETIC dry bag as OEM components
HERMETIC sew-in pockets - self-sealing features for your products
HERMETIC magnetic bars - dry bag closure for your bags
HERMETIC magnetic band - intuitive fastening strips

HERMETIC dry bag as OEM product

Thanks to the patented Gooper® technology, our dry bags are becoming more and more popular by giving customers an innovative product with must-have-potential. Whether you are a beachboy or girl, a bike or backpacker, smartphone junkie or outdoor activist – the automatic, hermetic closing system of the bag allows you to keep all things safe that are important to you. The HERMETIC dry bags won't even stay open accidentally: "just let go!"
The HERMETIC dry bags are categorized into 5 different sizes and have a variety of colour options. With the transparent high-tech material, your smartphone is still accessible. Coloured fabric adds a unique feel and look to the bags. The three magnetic rows close securely, even at a water depth of up to 30m.

Mini-sized dry bag

dry bag mini: XS-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
The small, transparent bag was designed for the small but important things in life, such as keys: safe and secure against water and dust. An additional band allows for the mini dry bag to be toted anywhere you go. The closing mechanism works the same as all the HERMETIC dry bags, fully automated, just let go and you‘re done.

Medi-Size of the HERMETIC dry bag

dry bag medi: S-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
The HERMETIC dry bag medi is the perfect size for a smartphone. Mobile junkies will love it: thanks to the touch-capable material you can always stay online. Of course, it’s not just for smartphone junkies, this size is also perfect for keeping travel documents, credit cards and any other documentation safe. The included band turns this dry bag into a chest pouch. When you are having fun at the beach you can always be assured that this pouch will keep all things safe from water and dust.


Maxi-Size of the dry bag

dry bag maxi: M-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
Maximum protection against dirt and moisture, thanks to Gooper® technology: The dry bag maxi is the perfect size if you are out and about with a few more items than planned. Even maps can be stored easily in your bag during a hike – of course, so can more high-tech GPS equipment. The patented, magnetic closure system snaps shut as on all the dry bags – just let go!


Multi-Sized dry bag

dry bag multi: L-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
Whatever small getaway you may be planning, this purse-sized HERMETIC dry bag multi has the perfect size. Through its large opening, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Should the weather turn bad you can be assured that your valuables with the safe and dry, thanks to the secure, hermetic and magnetic closure system. The material is available in many colour and fabric styles which can give your dry bag your own unique look.

mega-sized dry bag

dry bag mega: XL-sized magnetic self-sealing bag
Size does matter: This is the motto of the dry bag mega. This size is perfect for storing tablets that you also need to use while on the go; the touch compatible material makes sure of this. This XL protector can be kept safely in a bag or be a bag itself. Should everything else get soaked while out and about, you can rest assured that anything you stored in your dry bag will be safe and dry.

Of course, you can order customized versions of our HERMETIC dry bags as OEM products. Here, you can download our files to the possibilities for individual designs, matching your brand:

Download logo placement dry bag mini

Download logo placement dry bag medi

Download logo placement dry bag maxi

Download logo placement dry bag multi

Download logo placement dry bag mega

Download custom HERMETIC lanyards

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HERMETIC sew-in pocket

These ingenious pockets allow you to equip diverse products with the hermetically self-sealing features of the HERMETIC dry bag closure. There are many customers – no matter whether surfer or nature photographer – that would know many ways to use a water- and dirtproof pocket on their shorts or camera bag. Thanks to the qualities of the Gooper® technology, the HERMETIC sew-in pockets even meet the IPX 8 standard – waterproof in depths of up to 30 meters and keeping what is dear to you dry!

Badehose mit wasserdichter Hosentasche

HERMETIC sew-in pocket versions

We are aware of the requirements for different products. Therefore, we offer a right-sided and left-sided HERMETIC sew-in pocket, for the ideal fit and orientation of the opening. Additionally, these innovative pockets can be sewn into almost any material!


Sew-in pocket L/R for trousers

HERMETIC sew-in pocket L/R

HERMETIC sew-in pocket rectangular for jackets or backpacks

HERMETIC sew-in pocket rectangular

Fitting variations

Each version of our sew-in pocket is available in three different variations. Each offers sewable features, but differing sewing strips for e.g. visible or concealed fitting. This only concerns the attachment of the pockets, not the functionality of the HERMETIC components.

sew-in pocket fitting variation detached bar

HERMETIC sew-in pocket detached bar

The sewing strips are located around the bag only, allowing the magnetic bar to remain disconnected from the fabric.

+ visible and concealed fitting possible
+ “regular” fabric pocket remains usable, in addition to the HERMETIC pocket

HERMETIC sew-in fitting variation exposed bar

HERMETIC sew-in pocket exposed bar

Here, the magnetic bar is fixed in place and will remain visible on your product.

+ add-on with a unique look for your overall design
+ no unwanted fabric pockets in front or behind the HERMETIC pocket

HERMETIC sew-in fitting variation with fabric flap

HERMETIC sew-in pocket fabric flap

This version allows the fabric to be sewn onto the first two strips of the HERMETIC closure, allowing a fabric flap to cover the bar.

+ extremely user-friendly – larger fabric flap additionally facilitates opening
+ concealed fitting with no unwanted fabric pockets for an ideal design integration

O-Neill sew in pcket

Ready for the waves with O’Neill – HERMETIC dry bag & sew-in pocket 

Due to the patented Gooper technology, the pocket of the fashionable Wp-Pocket Swim Shorts of the O’Neill Blue Collection keeps your valuables dry while you hit the water. On top of that, the “Just-let-go” automatic seal prevents false closing and will reliably snap shut even in the anticipation for the perfect wave.


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O'neill shorts with water-proof sew-in pocket

HERMETIC magnetic bar

Are you a product designer working on an innovative bag searching for water- and dustproof, self-sealing bag closures? Then the HERMETIC magnetic bar is a great choice. With this OEM fastening component, you can design bags featuring the innovative “just let go” closing mechanism of the HERMETIC products. This component is ideal for bags for the outdoor sector, e.g. by replacing bulky roll-top closures. Our portfolio includes HERMETIC magnetic bars with black and transparent sewing/welding strips in 4 different lengths.

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 156 mm length & black sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 156 mm
black sewing strip

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 156 mm length & transparent sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 156 mm
transparent sewing strip

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 230 mm length & black sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 230 mm
black sewing strip

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 230 mm length & transparent sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 230 mm
transparent sewing strip

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 410 mm length & black sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 421 mm
black sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 410 mm length & transparent sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 421 mm
transaprent sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 118 mm length & black sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 118 mm
black sewing strip

HERMETIC magnetic bar - 118 mm length & transparent sewing tab

HERMETIC magnetic bar 118mm
transparent sewing strip

Easy integration into your product and design

Due to the generous sewing/welding strips, the HERMETIC magnetic bars allow quick and easy fitting. Of course, customization is available. You can integrate the magnetic bar into your product's design – by requesting different lengths, colours or your logo on the bar. Please feel free to contact us for further information!

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HERMETIC magnetic band

The HERMETIC magnetic bands set no limits to the creative imagination of product designers. The application possibilities of the bands are endless: closing e. g. tents or refrigerator curtains would become extremely quick and simple. Or as a comfortable and quiet alternative to a hook-and-loop fastener on apparel or bags that won’t get stuck on the material.

Colour variations of the HERMETIC magnetic band - transparent and black

Adaptable Options

Creative ideas require versatile components. Therefore, our HERMETIC magnetic band is customizable in colour and length. Additionally, two different magnet sizes are available for the bands that can easily be sewn or welded to almost any material. HERMETIC magnetic bands are always delivered in pairs.