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The bottle
freed from its cage

The TWIST principle

TWIST freed the bike bottle from its cage! By substituting the big and old-fashioned bottle cage with FIDLOCK’s tried and tested concept of all the fun and power of magnets with a secure mechanical locking, FIDLOCK reinvented the way we shred on bikes. All it needs is the 16 g light base, which captivates with its small and minimalistic design.

The new TWIST bottle 800

May we present: The new TWIST bottle 800 with larger filling volume, safe “Belt-Only” technology, optimized squeeze and valve bottle cap. Perfectly equipped with enough water for the long ride or the steep climb.
The new “Belt-Only” technology consists of a flexible and resistant belt that is screwed to a special connector. This means that even the higher filling volume is held securely – on cobblestones as well as on rough trails! Of course, despite the new technology, the TWIST bottle 800 is still compatible with all TWIST bases.

All TWIST bottles and products


Modular System

Thanks to the modular set-up of TWIST, one interface offers many possibilities of attachment. All that is needed is one of the different bases and a modul with a connector.

The small TWIST bike base captivates with its minimalistic design. It is simply attached to the bike frame by using the two standard thread inserts. The universal TWIST uni base fits any bike frame profile by using flexible straps. The TWIST tex base, specially designed for sports and outdoor activities, can be attached to textiles.

The modular concept also enables TWIST to be expanded constantly and currently it contains various bike bottles as well as a universal connector. The TWIST uni connector allows for all soft plastic bottles, bananas as a little snack, or the rolled up rain coat to be integrated into the TWIST system.

The new and reworked TWIST tex base multi

The new TWIST tex base multi now comes as a “2 in 1” solution – the well-known mounting for hip belts and the MOLLE system remains, but it is extended by the mounting to shoulder straps. The new tex base multi is simply placed around the shoulder strap of a backpack. This means that the bottle is quickly at hand on the go without the bike, may it be on a hiking trip or city tour!

More info

  • New ergonomic design for a more intuitive twisting off and snapping to the TWIST base
  • New overmolding connection technology for a strong hold without the Gravity Kit
  • New leak-proof, self-sealing bottle cap with a high-water flow valve plus an optional dirt cover
  • Improved squeeze due to a soft, BPA-free polypropylene
  • 590 ml / 19.95 fl oz volume with rounded edges offers a bigger frame compatibility