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Photography is your passion? 

The hunt for the perfect shot is what drives you. Having the right equipment at the right time is essential to getting the perfect shot: from the smartphone in your pocket to the professional SLR camera and more.

Photography with system cameras

After one trip is before the next, and your camera is always close at hand? Whether you're carrying your camera for hours in the city or on a long hike in the countryside, relieving the strain on your neck can make all the difference to your comfort. Find out more about our SNAPSNAP family  here.

Photography with smartphones

These little all-rounders are technological marvels these days. The latest models are every bit as good as the system cameras. You can even customize them and take great snaps!

VACUUM screw base:

One gadget - many applications


The VACUUM screw base is an enrichment and versatile helper for every photographer - whether on a ring light, as an additional screen on the camera, or on a tripod.


The number of spacers can be changed according to your individual needs.

It is also great for VLOGS. 

A practical tripod for smartphone photography

Extended to its full size, the VACUUM gadget can serve as a tripod or selfie stick. You can fold and stow it away in your backpack, if you're on the run.


Filming with action cameras

Taking photos or movies with an action cam is becoming more and more common. Action cams are convenient because of their small size and can be taken anywhere. There are now countless connectors and mounting options to capture action-packed adventures from all angles.

PINCLIP action cam mount

The most exciting and natural videos show scenes from more than one perspective. However, this can be time-consuming when shooting. The action cam has to be unscrewed from one mount and screwed onto the other, which is time consuming and inconvenient in the long run. Now we have the PINCLIP action cam mount for you. The quick-change adapter allows you to move your action cam from your helmet to your handlebars, across your chest or wherever you want in a matter of seconds. The camera angle remains unchanged, which is a great advantage when editing.

Other equipment for photographers

Whether liquid supply during the photo trip or waterproof bags for the safe stowage of the photo equipment in any weather. We have put together some more practical gadgets for your photo passion.


Stay hydrated!

When you are focused and concentrated, it is easy to forget to drink something. A bottle attached directly to your backpack strap with the TWIST tex base multi is always within reach, serving as a gentle reminder to drink regularly. Also, it saves storage space in your backpack while keeping the expensive equipment separated from liquids.


Water protection for your essentials

Whether spare batteries, charging cables, powerbanks, memory cards or the like. The technical equipment is known to be afraid of water. The HERMETIC products offer a remedy and a practical way to store the important items sand-, dust- and waterproof.