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"Job of your life" - 6 months, 5 continents, countless experiences

As a partner of the "Job of a lifetime" we were allowed to accompany this exciting adventure. Out of over a thousand applicants, Eyleen Goldschmidt prevailed and landed the job of a lifetime. In 6 months she travelled the world and fulfilled her biggest childhood dream. Here you can read what she experienced. During her journey through 20 countries, Eyleen found some travel essentials that she wouldn't want to miss on future trips and that now belong in every suitcase and hand luggage. Maybe there is something suitable for your next trip?

Stage 5: Explore Africa

On the traces of her roots, Eyleen experienced an emotional finale of her world trip on the 5th continent

Eyleen has spent the last 4 weeks on the continent where her father grew up and where she still has many family members. But first, it was off to Tanzania. There she did a private tour and got to know different parts and aspects of Tanzania with a guide, as well as doing some safaris and admiring many animals. In Zanzibar, she didn’t only focused on the wonderful nature and beaches but also learned about the history and culture of the country and its inhabitants.

Namibia was the penultimate country on her world tour. There, Eyleen made a roadtrip from Windhoek to the Namib Desert, via Swakopmund and Damaraland to Etosha National Park. In Namibia, Eyleen enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets ever.

 The grand finale of Eyleen's world tour took place in Nigeria. Her dad joined her and together they traveled through his home country. Tracing her roots, Eyleen met some of her relatives she had never seen before. After this super-emotional time, she makes her way to the airport - her very last flight was coming up. For the liquids, Eyleen had the transparent  HERMETIC dry bag multi with her, which she could use to make sure that if a liquid did leak out, nothing would get out of the bag and the rest of the things in the backpack would be well protected.

Stage 4: Europe road trip

4 weeks - 5 countries - lots of memories

In May, Eyleen started the 4th leg of her 6-month world tour. She went on a European road trip in a motorhome. In 4 weeks she wanted to get to know 5 countries of our wonderful continent. Her path led her from Germany via Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary to Croatia.

The journey started in Ulm with the collection of their camper van. Eyleen loaded the camper with all her belongings and first attached the VACUUM car suction base to the windscreen to keep her mobile phone and navigation system in view and securely attached while driving. Eyleen and her companion Jonas arrived at Lake Constance just in time for sunset. After a night at a great campsite, it was on to Augsburg, where a flight around the Alps awaited them.

Then they continued to Austria. The first stop was Mühlbach am Hochkönig, where they left their camper to test a hotel. The activities beer yoga and torchlight hikes were just some of the possible experiences on offer there. After 2 days, they continued again with the camper to the next country.

When they arrived in Slovenia, Eyleen and her best friend first started a bike tour in Kranjska Gora. In seconds, she had the  TWIST bottle 700 life snapped onto her bike and was hydrated throughout the trip. Lake Zeleci, the Nordic centre Planica and the Nadiza waterfall were on their picturesque route. In the evening, they went to the Lipa Hotel for dinner. The next stop in Slovenia was Lake Jasna and the Dolinka Zipline Park, where Eyleen ventured into ziplining. This was followed by a beer tasting, more campsites and, to top it all off, a canyoning tour as well as a visit to Maribor, wine tasting, and a glamping experience. In Slovenia, Eyleen was made a lasting impression - by the delicious food!

The road trip took Eyleen further to Hungary, more precisely to Pápa, Budapest and Lake Balaton. There she tested different campsites, enjoyed the architecture and green spaces in Budapest and the nature, colours, and peacefulness at Lake Balaton.

In Croatia, Eyleen joined a group for a week, living together on a sailboat. The tour started in the port of Split. Eyleen enjoyed the mix of new experiences and learning the basics of sailing as well as the relaxation and free time on board. In between, the group also threw themselves into the nightlife of Hvar and took a scooter tour on the island of Vis. For her valuables on board, Eyleen used HERMETIC products, especially the HERMETIC dry bag mega, which even fits a small tablet, and the HERMETIC sling bag. This meant that her valuables were protected waterproof and she didn't have to worry about anything going overboard, even in heavy swells. All in all, everyone had a great time together. After a fun week together, it was time to say goodbye.

Eyleen made her way back. From Zadar in Croatia, she returned to Slovenia for one night. Strengthened, Eyleen drove on to Austria and visited the Jufenalm, of which she was more than thrilled. The attention to detail, the sense of aesthetics, the delicious food, and the warm staff made her stay there perfect all around. Eyleen and her boyfriend explored the area around the hotel on their bikes. Eyleen quickly attached the VACUUM handlebar base and handlebar base flex to her and her boyfriend's bikes and they were both able to experience the most beautiful routes in the mountains, thanks to the navigation right in front of their eyes. Then it was really time to drive back home and after a few weeks in the camper, Eyleen had to hand over her beloved vehicle again. It was hard for her, but the highlight of the trip was still to come.

Etappe 3: Go East

2 continents, 5 stops, and countless experiences

The second stage of the Job of a Lifetime was just over, and the next adventure was directly waiting for Eyleen: A 48-hour stay in Dubai. 48 hours is not much time to explore a city this big, so she concentrated on the highlight region, "The Palm Jumeirah". It's an artificially raised island in the shape of a palm tree. On the 360° viewing platform on the 52nd floor of "The Palm Tower," Eyleen enjoyed Dubai's beautiful and unique view - a view she will never forget.

The 48 hours went by faster than she thought. And Eyleen was already on the way to her next stop: Oman. For Eyleen it was a really beautiful country, so she wondered, why it is still very unknown as a travel destination. She loved the authentic oriental flair which was missing in Dubai. A city tour to the desert and an oasis tour to a small Bedouin village were on the agenda. Thereby, she got the chance to collect as many different perspectives of Oman as possible. 

After that, it was time for some holidays - even our Job of a Lifetime winner needed a holiday from creating content. For her vacation, she and her boyfriend went to a beautiful country, which was on top of her bucket list -Thailand. But even on holiday, Eyleen couldn't do anything. So, she showed us a few impressions of her holidays and her experiences. Always with her was her TWIST tex base multi with the TWIST bottle 590 - the perfect match when strolling through the streets of Bangkok. The bottle is attached to the front of one of the backpack straps. Thus, it is separated from the other valuables in her backpack. A big advantage is to always reach the drinking bottle, but still have the hands free when discovering something new. Especially in the high temperatures, Eyleen could drink enough without always having to put the backpack down. Eyleen's Thailand highlight was Khao Lak with its beautiful beaches and sunsets. The untouched nature and national parks were really impressive and made a great impact on Eyleen.

It was time to say goodbye - her holidays were over. She continued her adventure alone and flew to Australia. Australia was also the most expanded stop in the six months of traveling. Within the 16 days on this continent, Eyleen had enough time to explore her absolute dream destination. She rented a car in Melbourne and drove through the country until she arrived in Sydney. After visiting an old friends who emigrated there, Eyleen went on a 12-day backpacker tour. Also in Australia, she had to be sure to drink enough. Therefore, she decided to carry the HERMETIC hydration bladder with a capacity of 2.5 litres with her. Thanks to the automatic closure it allows easy filling and cleaning, it was quickly and easily packed in the backpack and Eyleen was directly ready to go. During the backpacker tour, she saw many highlights in Australia and met new people who traveled alone through the country as she did.

After 16 days, it was time to say goodbye again. Eyleen went on an airplane again to visit the last stop of this stage - Japan! Tokyo was a completely different world for her. Eyleen was especially fascinated by the way people interacted with each other. The highlight of her trip to Japan was Shibuya Crossing, probably the most famous crossing in the world. Traveling alone was such an easy thing for her to do in Japan. Countless hotels, restaurants, and activities are oriented toward singles.

Stage 2: America, here I come!

A road trip on the west coast of the USA via Mexico to Costa Rica.

The cold days were ending for Eyleen and she headed to the warmth! On the road again by car, she spent seven days on the west coast of the USA on the popular Highway One, discovering the most beautiful spots. The VACUUM car vent base helped her to find the right way. This holder is a practical gadget that keeps your mobile phone securely in your car. It keeps your destination in sight and prevents your phone from falling down and flying around in the car. 
Eyleen's stops included San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and stunning Las Vegas!

 Allein auf Reisen zu sein, hieß für Eyleen auch, selbstständig Content zu erstellen. Die einmalige Anbringung des VACUUM uni phone patches auf der eigenen Handyhülle, ermöglichte ihr die Nutzung aller FIDLOCK VACUUM Produkte mit dem eigenen Smartphone. Es gibt neben der Halterung fürs Auto viele Weitere, wie bspw. ein Mini-Stativ - die VACUUM mini tripod base. Mithilfe dieses kleinen Stativs gelang es Eyleen, auch alleine wundervollen Content zu erstellen und uns durch Bilder und Videos an ihren Reisen teilhaben zu lassen. In Los Angeles angekommen, stellte sich heraus, dass dies Eyleens Lieblingsort an der Westküste ist. Besonders begeisterte sie neben dem guten Wetter der Venice Beach.

Allein auf Reisen zu sein, hieß für Eyleen auch, selbstständig Content zu erstellen. Die einmalige Anbringung des VACUUM uni phone patches  auf der eigenen Handyhülle, ermöglichte ihr die Nutzung aller FIDLOCK VACUUM Produkte mit dem eigenen Smartphone. Es gibt neben der Halterung fürs Auto viele Weitere, wie bspw. ein Mini-Stativ - die VACUUM mini tripod base. Mithilfe dieses kleinen Stativs gelang es Eyleen, auch alleine wundervollen Content zu erstellen und uns durch Bilder und Videos an ihren Reisen teilhaben zu lassen. In Los Angeles angekommen, stellte sich heraus, dass dies Eyleens Lieblingsort an der Westküste ist. Besonders begeisterte sie neben dem guten Wetter der Venice Beach.

Eyleen's third and final destination in America was Costa Rica! She especially liked the accommodation in the middle of the jungle. Waking up in the middle of nature made her feel the connection to it even more clearly. On the Caribbean coast, Eyleen did volunteer work at Wayers Home and learned about traveling in a whole new way. She explored Costa Rica's diverse nature on a volcano tour and did sloth-watching in La Fortuna. The HERMETIC sling bag was not only a super stylish gadget for her - it is also super practical. Like the HERMETIC dry bags, the sling bag closes automatically when the opening is released -thanks to three rows of magnets. Therefore, it is 100% water-, sand-, and dustproof and the wide opening makes it easy to pack and unpack the bag. Due to the wider strap and the additional magnetic closure, the sling bag can be worn as a fanny pack or as a sling bag.

Stage 1: Winter Wonderland

Via Finnish Lapland to Iceland and New York.

After mastering her first flight, Eyleen was greeted directly by polar lights in Lapland - her journey around the world couldn't have started any better. A snowmobile ride to a reindeer farm and a visit to the Snow Village were also a must-do in Lapland. Eyleen was supported by the social media team from Urlaubsguru. The second destination, Iceland, was the first time Eyleen had to be alone. For five days, Eyleen drove through the beautiful landscapes of Iceland in an off-road vehicle. Getting along with herself and processing all the impressions alone was a unique experience for Eyleen, during which, as she says, she learned a lot about herself.

Then it was time to move on again - Eyleen left empty Iceland for the urban jungle of New York! Here, too, she was invited to explore and discover New York's most popular sightseeing spots in 5 days.

Eyleen at FIDLOCK Headquarters

After the long and exhausting castings, Eyleen's journey finally started in February! The first step of the trip began at our FIDLOCK headquarters in Hanover. Eyleen was allowed to take an exclusive look behind the scenes. She saw how our products are created and tested and got to know who is behind FIDLOCK.

Safely equipped, the journey then continued!