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"Job of your life" - 6 months, 5 continents, unless experience

 As a partner of the "Job of Your Life" we are able to support this exciting adventure. Eyleen Goldschmidt prevailed over more than one thousand applicants and landed the job of a lifetime. Over the course of six months, she will travel around the world and fulfill her biggest childhood dream. Of course, we want to share her experiences and adventures with you. In addition to her daily travel routine, Eyleen will show you exciting gadgets that make her journey easier. Maybe there is something with must-have potential for your next trip?

The second stage of the "job of a lifetime" ended in the jungle of Costa Rica. Stay curious to see what happens next on Eyleen's journey!

Stage 2: America, here I come!

A road trip on the west coast of the USA via Mexico to Costa Rica.

The cold days were ending for Eyleen and she headed to the warmth! On the road again by car, she spent seven days on the west coast of the USA on the popular Highway One, discovering the most beautiful spots. The VACUUM car vent base helped her to find the right way. This holder is a practical gadget that keeps your mobile phone securely in your car. It keeps your destination in sight and prevents your phone from falling down and flying around in the car. 
Eyleen's stops included San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and stunning Las Vegas!

For Eyleen, traveling alone also meant creating content on her own. The one-time application of the VACUUM uni phone patch to her phone cover enables her to use of all FIDLOCK VACUUM products with her smartphone. In addition to the car holder, she uses a mini tripod with VACUUM technology - the VACUUM mini tripod base. The small tripod helps Eyleen to create beautiful content. Los Angeles seems to be Eyleen's favorite place on the West Coast! Besides the beautiful weather, she was particularly enthusiastic about Venice Beach.

From Los Angeles, Eyleen flew to Mexico. More beaches and more parties awaited her! From the lively city of Cancun, she set off on a catamaran tour toward Isla Mujeres. The most important companion was the HERMETIC dry bag medi, where Eyleen stowed her mobile phone. The three rows of self-sealing magnets ensure that the bag is 100% water-, sand-, and dustproof - up to a depth of 30m. With the dry bag, Eyleen was able to take her mobile phone with her into the water and she took breathtaking photos and videos underwater while snorkeling. Not only in the water but also on land, the dry bag medi was a great helper: Eyleen's mobile phone was protected from the tiny grains of sand on the beach but could still be used through the film! 

Eyleen's third and final destination in America was Costa Rica! She especially liked the accommodation in the middle of the jungle. Waking up in the middle of nature made her feel the connection to it even more clearly. On the Caribbean coast, Eyleen did volunteer work at Wayers Home and learned about traveling in a whole new way. She explored Costa Rica's diverse nature on a volcano tour and did sloth-watching in La Fortuna. The HERMETIC sling bag was not only a super stylish gadget for her - it is also super practical. Like the HERMETIC dry bags, the sling bag closes automatically when the opening is released -thanks to three rows of magnets. Therefore, it is 100% water-, sand-, and dustproof and the wide opening makes it easy to pack and unpack the bag. Due to the wider strap and the additional magnetic closure, the sling bag can be worn as a fanny pack or as a sling bag.

Stage 1: Winter Wonderland

Via Finnish Lapland to Iceland and New York.

After mastering her first flight, Eyleen was greeted directly by polar lights in Lapland - her journey around the world couldn't have started any better. A snowmobile ride to a reindeer farm and a visit to the Snow Village were also a must-do in Lapland. Eyleen was supported by the social media team from Urlaubsguru. The second destination, Iceland, was the first time Eyleen had to be alone. For five days, Eyleen drove through the beautiful landscapes of Iceland in an off-road vehicle. Getting along with herself and processing all the impressions alone was a unique experience for Eyleen, during which, as she says, she learned a lot about herself.

Then it was time to move on again - Eyleen left empty Iceland for the urban jungle of New York! Here, too, she was invited to explore and discover New York's most popular sightseeing spots in 5 days.

Eyleen at FIDLOCK Headquarters

After the long and exhausting castings, Eyleen's journey finally started in February! The first step of the trip began at our FIDLOCK headquarters in Hanover. Eyleen was allowed to take an exclusive look behind the scenes. She saw how our products are created and tested and got to know who is behind FIDLOCK.

Safely equipped, the journey then continued!