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Camping, hiking, being outside! For us, there's nothing better! What does it look like for you?

Do you love to be out and about in nature and enjoy time out from everyday life? We've put together our favourite camping, hiking and outdoor equipment, so you're perfectly prepared for your next trip!

Smartphone mount for your windshield
Our solution for your windscreen is the VACUUM car suction base. It consists of a suction cup for the windscreen and a ball joint for the perfect alignment of your mobile phone. The suction cup is securely fixed to the windscreen with a lever and can also be released again by pressing this lever. The VACUUM car suction base comes fully assembled and is therefore quickly attached.
Smartphone mount for your car's ventilation grid
The VACUUM car vent base is our solution for your car ventilation grid. The mount consists of a ball head and claws that are clamped into the car's ventilation panels. This connection is securely fixed with a locking ring. The smartphone is thus quickly and easily attached to the dashboard of the car and is the perfect navigator on the road.
VACUUM smartphone case
The cover fits our VACUUM mobile phone holder. The ingenious combination of vacuum and magnetic force allows the phone to be rotated through 360°. The recessed geometry prevents the phone from slipping off. The simple design is enhanced by a shock-resistant TPU border.
VACUUM universal adhesive patch for your favourite phone case
Thanks to the universal adhesive patch, conventional mobile phone cases can be transformed into a FIDLOCK case. The VACUUM geometry is securely attached to any mobile phone case with the help of a 3M adhesive dot. A smooth surface is essential for the suction cup to rest securely.

A good beverage supply is essential.

Having enough to drink is crucial for every hiking trip. Some prefer drinking bottles, while others like to opt for hydration bladders. We have innovative solutions for both choices.

With our TWIST system, your bottle securely attaches to your backpack's shoulder strap, always within reach. It doesn't matter if you want to use one of our bottles or your favourite bottle. You can find all information about our TWIST system here.

Practically packed in your backpack, the HERMETIC hydration bladder offers a lot of liquid. Take a sip anytime with the convenient tube and mouthpiece. Thanks to the wide opening with three magnetic bars, it automatically closes when letting go while being easy to fill and clean.


Enjoy moments and create memories

We love to think back to the best moments in life. Photos or videos are perfect for reminiscing about these situations and saving special memories.


The VACUUM mini tripod base is very versatile, be it used as a tripod for smartphones or selfie stick.


The tripod is easy to extend and use as a selfie stick. Just as simple as retracting it again and storing it in your backpack.


The counterpart of the VACUUM mini tripod base is a FIDLOCK phone case or our universal adhesive patch for smartphones. With each of them, all our VACUUM mounts can be used.

There is no bad weather...

...just the wrong equipment. Be it a short downpour or rain during your entire trip: the waterproof HERMETIC products keep your essentials safe and sound. How about a cover only for your smartphone, a chest or hip bag, or a "mega"-sized bag for documents, a power bank, charging cables and more? You cand find all information about our HERMETIC products here.

Mobile phone at hand and still your hands free!

With the VACUUM tex base you always have your mobile phone at hand - and still your hands free! The secure fastening option on the backpack allows the phone to be taken along even on more demanding tours, where it may be necessary to hold on at times. In between, however, the backpack does not have to be set down to search for the smartphone in the depths. This makes it easy to check the hiking route, take a snapshot of the panorama, or celebrate the number of steps at any time.