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Whether it's a traffic jam check on the daily way to work, a long-awaited road trip on a well-deserved holiday or a spontaneous short trip with friends - the mobile phone is always with you in the car. As a navigation device, music system, or with a hands-free function as a telephone, it has many tasks. The most important thing is to securely fasten it so that the driver is not distracted.

It is also important to have a clear view of the display so that you can quickly grasp the route and then concentrate fully on the road again. Whether the mobile phone should be mounted in the ventilation grille or on the windscreen is a matter of taste. We have therefore developed a solution for both positioning options.

VACUUM car vent base

The VACUUM car vent base is our solution for your ventilation grille. The mount consists of a ball-and-socket joint and claws that are clamped into the car's ventilation grille. With a few turns, they are firmly fixed with a locking ring. The  VACUUM car vent base sits securely in your ventilation grille.

VACUUM car suction base

Our solution for your windscreen is the VACUUM car suction base. It consists of a suction cup for the windscreen and a ball joint for the perfect alignment of your mobile phone. The suction cup is securely fixed to the windscreen with a lever and can also be released again by pressing the lever. The VACUUM car suction base comes fully assembled and is therefore quickly attached.

Über unsere VACUUM Technologie

Magnetic force + VACUUM? It's a match! These two strong, invisible forces combine to create a secure and ingenious connection for attaching your smartphone. To do this, you need two counterparts, each of which contains magnets that attract each other.

For your mobile phone, you have the choice between a mobile phone cover, a universal adhesive patch for your existing cover, and a waterproof universal cover in which you pack your mobile phone completely.
Your smartphone can be rotated 360° on the holder so that you can easily set your individual perfect position for navigation. For more information on our VACUUM technology, click here.

The advantages of VACUUM at a glance

Intuitive and safe

Quickly and easily fixed and positioned

Super flat case-design without mechanical components

The mobile phone can be rotated 360° on the cradle

Easy handling

Optimal view due to flexible positioning of the mobile phone

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