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The TWIST-principle

TWIST freed the bike bottle from its cage! By substituting the big and old-fashioned bottle cage with FIDLOCK’s tried and tested concept of all the fun and power of magnets with a secure mechanical locking, FIDLOCK reinvented the way we shred on bikes. All it needs is the 16 g light base, which captivates with its small and minimalistic design.

How does it work?

With a simple "TWIST", the TWIST modules are removed from the side of the holder by turning clockwise. This makes it possible to fit a bottle to the narrowest and smallest bicycle frames, where a conventional bottle cage would not fit.

SNAP - Powerful magnets automatically attract, centre and snap a variety of products into the base. The mechanical snap locks the module securely to the frame. This ensures easy handling and a secure hold - even under heavy loads.

Modular System

Thanks to the modular set-up of TWIST, one interface offers many possibilities of attachment. All that is needed is one of the different bases and a modul with a connector. The small TWIST bike base captivates with its minimalistic design. It is simply attached to the bike frame by using the two standard thread inserts. The universal TWIST uni base fits any bike frame profile by using flexible straps. The TWIST tex base, specially designed for sports and outdoor activities, can be attached to textiles. The modular concept also enables TWIST to be expanded constantly and currently it contains various bike bottles as well as a universal connector. The TWIST uni connector allows for all soft plastic bottles, bananas as a little snack, or the rolled up rain coat to be integrated into the TWIST system.

A connection with lots of possibilities!

Our bike base holds much more than just your bottle - check out our other TWIST products that fit your bike base!

Many places of use!

You can attach your TWIST products anywhere with our range of TWIST bases.

Optimised bottle with even mooooore volume!

The TWIST 750 compact bottle has a new design and improved connection technology for a secure grip every time you ride! The ergonomically optimised design with rounded ends offers greater frame compatibility and makes gripping and attaching to the TWIST base even more intuitive.

 We have also reinforced the bottle's mounting bracket and rear wall to ensure it sits firmly on your bike and will not rattle or wobble!

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