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Bulky bottle cages or clunky smartphone mounts? No thanks! FIDLOCK-ready bikes come equipped with a smart and almost invisible interface. TWIST and VACUUM offer innovative components for implementation on the bike frame or the ahead cap and can be used for numerous applications.

Brand Owner

Are you a brand owner? Expand your visibility and offer your dealers and end customers a smart USP on the bike! Interested in more products? Get inspiration and information either from our sales department or in our Bike OEM catalogue.


Are you a dealer? Your customer buys a bike with a universal interface for bottles, bags, lock mounts, range extenders, or smartphones. Do you want to offer these products in your shop? Our sales department is happy to assist you!


Are you a biker or want to become one, have a FIDLOCK-ready bike and are looking for the right product? Then head to our shop!

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FIDLOCK-ready – what does it mean?

  • Inconspicuous integration on the bike frame

  • Clean and compact design

  • Cageless and secure mounting

  • Intuitive handling for users

  • Modular concepts for a wide range of applications

  • Mag(net)ic – innovative and fun technology that amazes customers

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The FIDLOCK ready family! 

We are proud to present our partners:

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Logo M1
Logo megamo
logo Lombardo
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Logo Urwahn
logo Conway
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Logo Rose Bike Brands
logo Scar cycles
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Logo VIA sw-motech
logo Waldbike
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logo Hoheacht
logo Arc8
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logo Fantic
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Alpek Bike with FIDLOCK bottle

Alpek Text Element


They create e-bikes for every lifestyle and every experience.
For those who want to push to the limit and for those who prefer to go slow while enjoying the moments and nature around them.
At every stage of production, Alpek thinks about creating the perfect e-bike, always striving to exceed and make you exceed your limits.


Arc8 Text


ARC8 aims to be an alternative for those seeking something extraordinary and individual. Driven by their passion for bicycles, they develop bikes they truly want to ride: from road bikes to enduro bikes.

Everyone is different, and every riding style is different, so their bikes should be too.

The focus of the brand is on the riders. Providing them with the best possible equipment for maximum performance and riding pleasure is Arc8's mission.

Arc8 Bike with FIDLOCK Bottle

Conway Text Element


Whether you're an enduro enthusiast or a steadfast road warrior, Conway has the right expertise behind every bike.
Conway develops E-mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, and many bicycles and E-bikes to suit every taste.

Whether you're at home on the trail or a dedicated touring rider, they strive to eliminate any obstacles that could make a ride challenging from the start. Conway bikes are designed to best fit you and your needs. Fun and a healthy competitive spirit should always take center stage.

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CrossWorx Bikes

Born out of a love for mountain biking and the aim to create products that are fun and push personal limits, CrossworxCycles GmbH was founded in 2019. With extensive experience in redesign and model development, the founders simply wanted to carve their own path and bring their visions of bicycles to life. CrossWorx offers handcrafted bikes with aluminum frames for trail, enduro, and downhill riding from the green heart of Germany. They place special emphasis on geometries and riding characteristics.

Crossworx Bike with TWIST bike base and bottle

Fantic Text Element


Fantic E-Bikes are crafted with historical expertise in off-road and cross-country racing.

Fantic bicycles stand out for their top-notch quality, sophisticated technology, and innovative design.

In Fantic's philosophy, an E-bike must ensure full control under all trail conditions: easy to ride for all riders, efficient in design, and exclusive components.
With a wide range of models, Fantic offers the perfect solution for every rider type and adventure.


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With pioneering spirit, Swiss precision, and the highest quality standards, FLYER was founded in the early 1990s.
Through groundbreaking innovations, the company has shaped the development of e-bikes and is the Swiss e-bike pioneer. Whether in the city, on an extensive tour through the countryside, or in the mountains, FLYER offers the right e-bike for every terrain and every season. The FLYER premium e-bikes are manufactured at the modern main location, designed exclusively for electric bicycles, in the heart of Switzerland.

Hoheacht Text Element


The mountain "Hohe Acht" stands as the highest peak above all other Eifel volcanoes, offering a view of new horizons.

Right here lies the birthplace of our premium e-bike brand:
HoheAcht, founded in 2021, embodies the passion for e-biking and the deep connection with the Eifel region.
Robustness and longevity combined with the colors and facets of the Eifel characterize HoheAcht products, from city E-bikes to E-mountain bikes.

Lombardo Text

Lombardo bikes

Lombardo was founded in the 1950s and is based in Sicily, Italy. 
Gaspare Lombardo built his first bicycle with production scraps from his father's workshop and reusing war materials.
They provide bikes for different kinds of usages like Downhill, Cross Country, City Trekking, Mountain Biking or Kids. 
And a lot of them are already FIDLOCK ready and fittet with a TWIST bottle base! 

Bike Frame with FIDLOCK bottle

M1 Text

M1 Sporttechnik

As a bike manufacturer founded in 1990, they specialize in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of the highest quality carbon e-bikes. 
The advantages speak for themselves: Carbon is lighter than aluminium. Additionally, carbon allows for the reconciliation of even the most contradictory properties: stiffness and flexibility, lightweight construction, and safety. 
Some M1 bikes are also FIDLOCK-ready, equipped with the TWIST bike base, to provide our bottles, with the perfect grip on the bike. Furthermore, M1 utilizes another FIDLOCK closure below the bottle: the PINCLIP M integrated vertical, which allows for easy, one-handed opening of the battery cover.

megamo Text


Mégamo in its beginnings or Megamo nowadays, began its steps in 1987, establishing its base in Girona.
It soon began to be known thanks to its successes in the competitions of biketrial and BTT of the highest level in the years '90, becoming the reference brand and precursor of the MTB in Europe.
Quality, design and technological innovation at highly competitive prices has been the premise of Megamo since its inception until today.
Megamo offers some of their bikes already equipped with the TWIST bike base to ensure a secure hold for your bottles. 

FIDLOCK bike bake on a bike frame

Merida Text


Merida has been developing mountain bikes, e-bikes, cross bikes, trekking bikes, and race bikes in Germany for half a century.
The bikes are handmade in Taiwan. Safety is a top priority at MERIDA.
Through rigorous testing, it is ensured that the bikes can handle the most demanding trails, the steepest climbs, the heaviest loads, or everyday use optimally. In addition to the standard TWIST bike base, MERIDA also incorporates the TWIST bike base integrated into their bikes, which is embedded in the frame, thus seamlessly integrating with it.

Mondraker Text


Mondraker was founded in 2001 and focuses on the design and production of high-performance mountain bikes. 
The company, originating from the cycling nation of Spain, has made it its mission to enrich the world with mountain bikes! 
It's worth noting: only with mountain bikes - making Mondraker an exception, as most manufacturers offer bicycles for all purposes. 
And since functionality is particularly important here, some Mondraker bikes are also equipped with the TWIST bike base.

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Nicolai Bicycles 

With the TWIST bike base, Nicolai has designed a new bottle mount for their Nucleon 16 model ridden by the Nicolai Racing Enduro Team. The bike base is attached to the frame using ultra-strong adhesive pads, eliminating the need for rivet holes, which inevitably would weaken the material. The Nucleon 16 features an external cable routing for quick service access, with the integrated cable routing of the TWIST bike base holding the cables neatly and securely in place.

SCIU Text Element

SCIU Bikes

SCIU Bikes are regarded as an expression of individuality and a certain way of life. They love the sustainability of aesthetics. They aim to build bikes that provide a real thrill in everyday life. Bikes that are technically adept but not divas: high-end and exceptional.

SCIU has designed a bike that is as precise and arrow-fast as a bow. Designed for maximum control, performance, and comfort, without sacrificing an inch of fun and riding pleasure. A bike that you master, not the other way around.


Sqeeder Text Element


The SQEEDER V4 20-inch kids' bike enables children to become real explorers. It is lightweight yet robust. Additionally, it has a bike park approval.
The V4 is equipped with an RST air suspension fork with 80mm travel, a Magura MT Sport brake, and a 10-speed gearbox from L-TWOO.
In the configurator, various options for the V4 can be selected, including different tire types, chainrings, and a dropper post.
Our motto is: YOUR STYLE - YOUR BIKE.
• 29 different frame colors,
• 4 anodized color packages,
• 14 different sticker colors,
• Component selection.

URWAHN Text Element


URWAHN has been creating uncompromisingly fair and functional premium mobility since 2013. They act with a human-centered approach – placing the individual at the center of their actions, driven by a fascination for elegance, concentrated performance, and pure driving pleasure. Through Integrated Design Engineering, URWAHN establishes an interdisciplinary approach to product development that breaks away from traditional patterns of thinking. URWAHN efficiently employs materials, design, and development processes, disrupting them with a holistic approach. Originality meets urban needs, established values collide with optimization frenzy. They shape their own cosmos, a habitat between city and countryside, asphalt and gravel.

VIA SWM Text Element


Built for all individuals seeking a suitable alternative to cars for daily use in city traffic.
The VIA 1 is a great choice: you park at the door, bypass the traffic jam and help preserve the environment.

A sturdy aluminum frame with reinforced tubes forms the foundation of the VIA bike.
The battery is concealed within the handlebar stem and is easily accessible for charging. The lightweight ABS plastic box is perfect for use on cargo bikes. It provides a secure transportation option for children and offers space for your groceries or even your dog.

Whyte Text Element

Whyte Bikes

The history of Whyte Bikes began in 1994. Back then, John Whyte, a former Formula 1 engineer, embarked on the development of mountain bikes with his team. About six years later, he founded the Whyte Bikes brand himself and was already far ahead of his time with radical innovations like the legendary Whyte PRST.

Over the years, the bikes were marketed internationally and achieved increasing success in races. The British initially focused entirely on the trail and enduro segments, demonstrating numerous developments such as the SCR design or the special Whyte geometry concept, where the innovations of the future lie.

YT Text Element

YT Industries

It started in 2007. With two kids who couldn't afford decent bikes. Their desire to improve inspired the company founder Markus Flossmann. Today, YT counts more than 200 employees in Europe, North America, Asia, and many other corners of the world. Although they are bigger than before, their principles remain the same: challenging traditions, freeing ourselves from constraints, simply LIVE UNCAGED. 
Of course, our TWIST bike base fits perfectly with this motto.

TWIST Grafic
Vacuum Grafic


The TWIST base is a small component that offers customers a wide range of options with just one interface and thanks to its modular design. The small TWIST bike base impresses with its minimalist design. The base is simply attached to the threaded bushings on the bicycle frame. The VACUUM base is equally inspiring: to offer the customer a further benefit, a pre-installed VACUUM ahead cap is an ingenious additional feature that allows the customer to quickly and easily retrofit his bike with a VACUUM base.


To make the benefits visible to the target group, the FIDLOCK-ready logo is a simple element that you can use at various touchpoints in your communication: On your website, on social media, in flyers, at the point of sale, etc. And to help you find the right words on the topic easily, we have already drafted a text for you.

The FIDLOCK logo with the "ready" addition is available in two downloadable versions:

FL ready Logos Download

Download logo version 1  Download logo version 2


To effectively communicate the added value of FIDLOCK-ready to your customers, we have prepared various texts for you. This way, the plus for your target group becomes your advantage effortlessly. Simply copy the parts you need from pre-formulated building blocks.

For the various technologies, there is a headline, body text, and bullet points with the top arguments.

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Discover more incredibly user-friendly and innovative locking and fastening solutions. This catalogue contains all our OEM components for bicycles and bicycle-related products based on our innovative technologies.

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