lifeshot of the drypocketapparel bag with FIDLOCK fasteners

Whether you are hiking, camping, at the beach or in everyday life:  your valuables will be safe with the backpack featuring the FIDLOCK magnetic bars from Dry Pocket Apparel! 

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Pack your backpack and let's go to the next adventure! A bag must withstand a lot and has to fit any situation. For those situations, Dry Pocket Apparel decided to design a backpack that is resistant to water, dust and dirt. The US company has opted for HERMETIC magnetic bars. The main feature of the magnetic bars is their closing mechanism. The innovative "just let go" principle ensures that the bag closes automatically when the rows of magnets are released and sealing the bagpack completely hermetically. The bag is waterproof to a depth of 30 metres and has the IPX8 standards.

fishing with the drypocketapparel bag

SNAP buckle fasteners for additional security 

Dry Pocket Apparel uses SNAP buckle fasteners to make the backpacks even more adjustable. The SNAP buckle fasteners on the top of the backpack allow it to be closed and tightened like a roll-top. The SNAP buckle‘s close automatically - thanks to the combination of magnetic force and mechanical lock. The SNAP buckle fasteners are available for different strap lengths , therefore they are ideal for various products.

waterproof bags by drypocketapparel

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages.

SNAP buckles  HERMETIC magnetic bars