Vest by HAMCUS with FIDLOCk components - title image application
HAMCUS: Fashion meets techwear

Futuristic apparel featuring innovative components by FIDLOCK

Fashion by HAMCUS merges style and functionality in all details – up to the magnetic fasteners

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The Chinese fashion brand HAMCUS is known for its unique symbiosis of fashionable and technical apparel. They base their designs on a dystopian story which is transferred into their collections. Extravagant materials and disproportional cuts meet well thought out details – and these details are where FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners come into play. On many pieces, HAMCUS applied our buckles in a way that provides innovative functionality for wearers and achieves a unique visual appeal. Therefore, we would like to take a closer look at some examples of their portfolio.

Model wearing outfit with atheist tights as introduction of HAMCUS' applications

Unique vest with intuitive fastening and removable pockets

HAMCUS has proven that they have a talent for applying components by FIDLOCK with the DUNE RAIDER MECHANIST DOUBLE SLING VEST-PACK. This unique vest features a total of three different magnetic fastening concepts. For one, the V-BUCKLE 40 LL black flap is placed on the chest strap, allowing users to quickly gear up with the single-handed use of the buckle and adjust the tightness with ease. Additionally, HAMCUS applied the HOOK 20 rope on four pockets which offer a sleek look and intuitive opening and closing. They used extra-long ropes that can be used to open the buckles, further facilitating access to essentials. Finally, the pockets can be removed and reattached to the vest within seconds, achieved by the clever application of SNAP male S components on the pockets and SNAP female S counterparts on the vest itself. The SNAP magnetic fasteners will automatically snap together into the correct position when attaching the pockets

focus on V-BUCKLE 40 LL black flap applied to the Vest
Close-up of the HOOK rope application on  the vest by HAMCUS
Close-up of the SNAP femals S components on the vest by HAMCUS

Extravagant pants by HAMCUS with the FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE 25

For the ATHEIST RAPID DEPLOY SPRINTER TIGHTS / SKI PANTS, HAMCUS make use of the unique design of our V-BUCKLE 25 black flap to complement the dystopian aesthetics of their brand. Applied to the 25 mm straps on two pockets of the pants, they suit the style and offer an intuitive and reliable closure. Additionally, a nifty feature of the pants is that they are compatible with the MODULAR DUAL-HEP SHOULDER STRAP WITH FIDLOCK. As the name already indicates, HAMCUS also applied FIDLOCK magnetic buckles on this pair of functional braces. These do not only achieve extra hold for the pants but also offer additional pockets for storage. On both pockets, they also used the V-BUCKLE 25 black flap, complementing the design of the pants. On top of that, they applied the V-BUCKLE 40 LL black flap on the back strap of the system. The double ladder lock allows users to adjust the fit with ease and the automatic closure supports users when buckling up with no view of the buckle.

Full body shot of the pants and shoulder strap by HAMCUS with FIDLOCK V-BUCKLEs
close-up of the V-BUCKLEs use don the pants by HAMCUS
Full body shot of the pants & shoulder straps by HAMCUS with V-BUCKLEs from behind

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples.