Closeup HEZO shoe with FIDLOCK buckle

Hezo customised cycling shoe with the STRIPE FW SB20 magnetic fastener by FIDLOCK

With the HELU ONE cycling shoe, the company Hezo Cycling offers cycling enthusiasts a custom-fit shoe that responds to every unevenness of the foot and thus offers unique comfort when cycling. 
How does it work? The cycling shoe is manufactured on the basis of a precise foot scan. For this Hezo's team has developed an innovative scan app that records a virtual model of the foot and turns it into a 3D instruction. The result is a customized cycling shoe, with perfect shoe volume and optimal midfoot fixation. The customized one-offs consist of three modular elements: 3D printed and torsionally stiff upper shoe, breathable inner shoe, and the STRIPE FW SB20 magnetic closure by FIDLOCK.

HEZO footwear black shoes with FIDLOCK buckle
HEZO shoe closeup
HEZO shoe side view

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Focusing on secure hold with the STRIPE FW magnetic fastener 

Hezo has cleverly used the STRIPE FW SB20 on the Helo One, making ideal use of the unique features of the magnetic fastener. The STRIPE FW SB20 has a quiet and smooth opening and closing mechanism with easy one-hand adjustment. This means that the shoe can be quickly adjusted with just one hand, even while cycling. To do this, the Hezo team has taken advantage of the STRIPE FW's easy assembly and attached it to a zigzagging strap. The STRIPE FW SB20 is suitable for a webbing width of 20 mm. 

HEZO shoe lifeshot

The Helu One's victory at the ISPO Award 2023

We are delighted for Hezo Cycling who won the ISPO Award 2023.

"Focussing on customization and sustainability to offer a high-quality tailor-made product, the Helu One convinced the jury with its high degree of innovation. The FIDLOCK closure is also a nice touch, allowing easy fit adjustment during a ride, without getting out of the saddle."
ISPO Award Jury

See the complete Jury evaluation

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