Titel image of HORNIT application - bike in CUG PRO bike rack with WINCH

Innovative bike storage: the CLUG PRO by HORNIT featuring the FIDLOCK WINCH magnetic fastener

HORNIT is a brand motivated by making cyclists' lives easier. Therefore, they create a diverse range of bike accessories that combine innovation, design and fun. Their portfolio includes the CLUG PRO bike rack featuring our WINCH. The CLUG PRO is based on the CLUG - known as the worlds smallest bike rack that revolutionized space-enabling, quick and easy bike storage. The CLUG, available for diverse bike and tire types, is quickly mounted to your wall and is almost invisible when not in use. HORNIT is taking this ingenious and Eurobike award-winning product idea to another level with the CLUG PRO and incorporated our FIDLOCK WINCH. The features of the magnetic fastener allow you to additionally secure your bike for long-term storage, allowing tight fit during tire deflation and accidental bumps.

First size of CLUG PRO product range
Second size of CLUG PRO product range - further sizes available
Third size of CLUG PRO product range - further sizes available

Function WINCH on CLUG PRO

The functionality of the WINCH on the CLUG PRO

HORNIT has skillfully incorporated the WINCH on their product, making ideal use of the unique qualities of the magnetic fastener. The WINCH combines a ratchet and fastening in a single component. Therefore, users can completely detach the handle from the base on the CLUG PRO. After placing the bike tire in the rack, the innovative FIDLOCK concept allows intuitive, single-handed closure. Turning the handle will then adjust the tightness of the cord and secure the tire. Loosening the fit is just as easy as the WINCH automatically unwinds when opened. Combined with HORNIT’s choice of a high-performance cord, the CLUG PRO can even hold e-bikes with a weight of up to 30 kg. Additionally, they opted for individual branding of the WINCH momentum, creating a clean and finished overall product design.

Close-up of tire in CLUG PRO bike rack with FIDLOCK WINCH

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!

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