Helmet by KED with FIDLOCK fastener

Safety meets innovation: the combination of helmets from KED and FIDLOCK fasteners.

The helmets from KED are the perfect companions for a city tour or the next bike race. Just like the FIDLOCK fasteners, their helmets are legally protected to set a new standard on the market for the safety of helmets. KED helmets are characterised by their casual design, intelligent safety system and innovative protection. In keeping with this, they have opted for FIDLOCK fasteners, which are perfect for KED helmets with their timeless design and support the functions of the helmets with their innovative features.

MTB Offroad bike helmet by KED with FIDLOCK fastener
Yellow helmet by KED with SNAP helmet buckle
Urban helmet by KED with FIDLOCK fastener
Pedalon helmet by KED with FIDLOCK fasteners

Magnetic SNAP helmet buckles: effortless handling and reliability for KED helmets

The easy handling of the SNAP helmet buckles, which fit perfectly into the design of KED helmets, makes wearing these helmets an effortless experience. The self-closing and one-handed operation of the helmet buckles eliminates long fiddling and offers a reliable component that gives users a free hand. Thanks to the magnets, the fastener closes effortlessly and securely. Just bring the fastener halves together, and it closes automatically. It makes it easier for the user to put on the helmet and to provide an incorrect closing.

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the SNAP helmet buckle product page. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!

SNAP helmet buckle