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This invisible magnetic closure is ideal for the oxmox messenger bag with magical design - SNAP pull

In the nineties, Oxmox transformed the wallet into a cult item with personalized motifs, designed by customers – and not just for collectors. To this day, Oxmox is still sticking to its idea of bringing its community together when developing new collections. This means that (amateur) designers can submit their own creations and receive a reward if they are used.

From the Oxmox Moneybox to the magic bag

Oxmox is carrying on from the success of the Moneybox with its touch-it bag collection. Their magical effects make the stylish messenger bags particularly popular: the bag flap's thermochromic material changes colour from dark grey to light grey depending on the temperature, such as when you place your hand on it. The fastener is also "magic": the SNAP pull disappears under the flap and becomes invisible, closes automatically, and, as the ideal fastener for bags, is easy to pull open.

Application oxmox messenger bag in blue
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Fasteners for magic bags

While the outside of the Oxmox messenger bags causes a sensation with its "touch-it effect", the inside is equally impressive: tailored to users' needs, the inside of the bag is organized into various compartments, which provide a place for laptops and tablets and can be attached to trolleys. The FIDLOCK fasteners with an orange pull strap add the finishing touch in terms of design details. If you want to find out more, just "touch it and pull it!"

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fastener on the SNAP pull product page.

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