boy sitting with GIANT school bags which features our SNAP buckle
The moment of opening and closing as a fun experience for kids!

The GIANT school bag by Step by Step – extra-large and extra easy to open with the SNAP buckle 20 as bag fastener

Step by Step has established itself as a brand for high-quality and child-friendly products for the daily school routine. Amongst other great products, their portfolio includes multiple school bag models, each adjusted to the diverse needs and preferences of children. The new GIANT adds an extra-large version to the range of school bags by Step by Step and is ideal for children who have been surprised by an early growth spurt. Of course, it is equally suitable for petite and taller kids and offers a reliable companion for the first to fourth grades which can grow with its wearer. The ingenious EASY GROW SYSTEM makes it possible: A rotary handle allows the adjustment of the height of the shoulder straps and the length of the school bag’s back. Furthermore, as all school bags by Step by Step, the GIANT has numerous innovative product features, fulfilling all wishes of the youngest regarding appearance, functionality, and comfort – this also includes the bag fastener by FIDLOCK. Our SNAP buckle 20 adds the fun factor to the opening and closing of the bag, as our SNAP push already has proven on other school bags by Step by Step

Product set including GIANT school bag
GIANT school bag opened

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The fasteners with child-oriented operation on the GIANT

Two of our SNAP buckle 20 have been ideally implemented by Step by Step on the flap of the GIANT school bag. They are positioned on the left and right, allowing easy opening of the fasteners with one hand each by sliding laterally, and therefore quick access to pencil case, exercise book etc. Compared to conventional buckles, the SNAP buckles have a much lower risk of accidentally pinching skin or sleeves when closing the fasteners. Moreover, they do not only suit the overall functionality of the school bag. Step by Step has also thought of every detail of the GIANT's appearance. The grey colour harmonizes with the bag's design and matches the grey of the straps which allow easy fitting of the fastener with a strap width of 20mm. Regarding the surface of the buckles, Step by Step has also made use of our customization possibilities and equipped them with an abrasion-resistant logo for an ideal branding.

close-up of the used buckles
GIANT school bag with dolphin design
GIANT school bag with police design
GIANT school bag with unicorn design
GIANT school bag with space ship design

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fastener on the SNAP buckle product pages.

SNAP buckles

other bag by step by step with SNAP push fastener

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