Tagdog collar and leash with a FIDLOCK buckle

Easy to put on and take off again with tagdog:
Designer dog collar bets on FIDLOCK fasteners 

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Great design is the main focus here. Tagdog created a stylish and timeless accessory for your dog. It's the perfect companion for every walk! The collar is compatible with Apple Airtag, allowing you to find your canine friend everywhere - perfect for walks without a leash. In addition, tagdog  bets on the V-BUCKLE.  The fastener perfectly matches the design and is functional for the dog collar. All dog collars are handmade in Germany. Tagdog pays special attention to only installing components that are harmless to the animals, vegan, and sustainable.

Walking on the beach with tracker on collar

Magnetic V-BUCKLE on the dog collar from tagdog 

dog collar by tagdog with the V-BUCKLE by FIDLOCK

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Putting on the collar can cause considerable stress before the walk even started.  Thanks to the self-closing V-BUCKLE, putting on the tagdog collar is quick and stress-free. In addition, the V-BUCKLE allows individual adjustment of the collar's length. The self-securing properties of the magnetic buckle prevent it from opening unintentionally should the dog pull harder on the leash.  To open the fastener, simply pull on the tab on the metal flap for a quick and easy release.  Easily clean the collar with water or a damp cloth should it get dirty in bad weather.  

You can find detailed information about further application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic buckle on the V-BUCKLE product page. You would like to give the fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples!