Title image of the Tinipak application - school bag - all FIDLOCK fasteners visible

Lightweight and packed with innovative features

Tinipak opts for FIDLOCK

Every detail tailored to children‘s needs – school bag by Tinipak with magnetic fasteners by FIDLOCK

The TiniBox by Tinipak is an innovative school bag with many unique child-friendly components, including multiple magnetic fasteners by FIDLOCK. The idea for TiniBox was brought to life by a father from Vietnam, searching for the ideal school backpack for his children. He felt that none of them fully met the requirements for the small body, tiny hands, and active lifestyle of kids. Therefore, he decided to design his own backpack, benefiting from his years of experience in the bag industry. After two years of development, the result was an innovative school bag. Tinipak meticulously designed each detail to meet the needs of children, such as a lightweight of only 660 grams, modular compartments, safety features, an ergonomic triple air system, easy-to-use zippers, and FIDLOCK's intuitive magnetic fasteners.

TiniBox school bag in three different colourways

SNAP fastener with the SNAP male S add on for the TiniCard

The TiniCard is a small wallet for the shoulder strap of the TiniBox. It features a combination of our SNAP fasteners with the SNAP male S add on. These magnetic fasteners allow kids to detach the wallet in the blink of an eye for quick access to their ID, bus card or lunch money. Compared to regular kid's wallets with lanyards, it offers higher comfort and practicality. The SNAP male S add on is an additional module for the SNAP male S high. It adds extra safety by only allowing removal of the wallet from the SNAP female counterpart by pulling it to the side when held vertically. This minimizes the risk of accidental removal and losing the wallet. On top of that, the kids can intuitively reattach the wallet since the magnetic fastening components will snap together automatically when they place it above the counterpart.

Tinicard & SNAP fasteners on shoulder strap
Tinicard being placed on the SNAP counterpart on shoulder strap
Tinicard connected to shoulder strap with SNAP fasteners by FIDLOCK

SNAP buckle piping text

Magnetic SNAP buckle piping 15 on the TiniBox chest strap

To prevent the shoulder straps from slipping off when kids are running or jumping with the school bag, the TiniBox features a chest strap with our SNAP buckle piping 15 for 15 mm wide webbing. Unlike conventional buckles, our magnetic alternative allows kids to quickly open and close the chest strap with only one hand. The intuitive ease of use of our magnetic fasteners is ideal for their little hands. Additionally, the piping element of the buckle supports the quick and easy adjustment of the height of the chest strap and the one-sided ladderlock guarantees an ideal fit.

Close-up of the SNAP buckle 15 piping on the shoulder strap of the TiniBox school bag

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!

SNAP male S add on

SNAP buckle piping 15