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Innovative magnetic fasteners for unique tool bags by Velocity Pro Gear - SNAP buckle flat

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Velocity Pro Gear consists of a team with years of experience working within the industries they now serve. The company itself calls the products gear for grafters and thereby states the high-quality standard the set for the backpacks, cases and bags for tools. This has allowed them to create fresh, innovative lines with a no-fuss service.

Used and packed away in no time

Rogue enables you to store and access your tools effortlessly. The Rogue 5.0 backpack incorporates high-performance fabrics, magnetic buckle systems along with YKK interlocking zips – the ultimate backpack for the professional on the move. To assure that draftsmen can quickly access everything they might need on the run, Rogue is also available as tool case 4.0 or 6.0 which feature a safe compartment for their laptop.

Magnetic fasteners for quick access

Rogue ensures that everything runs smoothly during the daily business. Therefore, the tool bags feature an ingenious design and diverse qualities which facilitate quick access and organized storage of your tools and essentials. This includes the SNAP buckle flat by FIDLOCK. The magnetic fastener is intuitive to use, even with only one hand. Additionally, the V-BUCKLE is applied to the shoulder straps of the backpack version. This allows quick detachment, facilitating easy and quick access to the compartment on the back. Moreover, the self-securing feature of the magnetic-mechanical buckles supports a reliable carrying-experience. 

Buckles used by velocity


You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fastener on the SNAP buckle flat or the V-BUCKLE product page.

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